Yuriy Kryvoruchko vs Magnus Carlsen – Round 8 – 2014 FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship

This is a review of World Champion Magnus Carlsen’s Round 8 game from the 2014 FIDE World Rapid Chess Championship held in United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Carlsen was black against Yuriy Kryvoruchko. The opening played was the Sicilian Canal-Sokolsky Attack, however it transposed into a structure out of the Ruy Lopez. Carlsen, along with all other participants, played 5 rounds each day from June 16 thru June 18th. Time controls were set at 15 minutes with a 10 second increment.

Here’s the playlist of all 15 games Magnus Carlsen played to become the 2014 FIDE World Rapid Chess Champion:


Internet Chess Club (ICC)


  1. Theres something i dont get, the pawn on  c4 at 3:30 takes nothing on  b3 since the pawn is on b4, yet the pawn on b4 dissipates after, can you explain?

  2. Once again Carlsen uses his bishops more effectively than his opponent. Who really believes that a bishop and a knight are of equal strength?  See my you tube videos "Chess Secrets The Value Of The Pieces" and "Response to questions and comments to Chess Secrets…" Thanks Jerry.

  3. did carlsen d-ranked that much?! he was at 2870+ before :O

  4. Have watched all games up until now. One thing to notice is Carlsen's administration of the clock … WHO can challenge this guy?!! ;O)

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