World’s largest chess board | Magnus vs Vishy vs Anish | Norway Chess

World’s largest Chess board
Chess board
Magnus vs Vishy vs Anish
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  1. Here comes the bishop from 3 km away 😂

  2. And you play rapid blits with shit hahahaha

  3. can the knight even jump
    is anyone strong enough to lift that horse

  4. What is Michael Bohm still doing in Russia?

  5. It would take 1 billion years to play 1 round

  6. Do they know how to play? they are moving pawns diagonal without their being pieces on those squares to capture

  7. This is my favorite chess video

  8. this is why chess is considered an exercise.

  9. La función de un ajedrez staunton americano con una española …

  10. Qué ridiculo Cómo es el pido de ajedrez grandes no existen ver

  11. A good way to keep those chess players in shape and fight that flab

  12. Magnus : go pawn
    Pawn : for the king
    Magnus: nooo…….

  13. In time trouble you would have to choose pieces strategically to not flag!

  14. 3 hours taken for adjustment of pieces 😂😂😂

  15. Isn’t 0:42 an illegal En Passant?

    When you look up the move online: It states that En Passant was created to prevent the opponent from moving the Prawn 2 Spaces; thereby passing your Prawn.

    But Black was on E4 before White was on D4. So the 2 spaces were moved, before the White Prawn even approached.

    White would have had already had an opportunity to eat on D5.

  16. AN EN PASSANT IN PUBLIC!!!!! 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  17. They made this cuz now anish cant steal pieces anymore😂

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