World Rapid Chess Championship | Day 3 | Jan Gustafsson & Peter Leko

Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura & Alireza Firouzja are all in action for the 2021 FIDE World Rapid Championship in Warsaw, Poland, with GMs Jan Gustafsson & Peter Leko commentating live. Follow the games with interactive boards:

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  1. Wow!! Can't wait to see him get Invited to many Rapid Events in the future to see him play against the very best again!!

  2. We know Radio Jan
    We know Tech Jan
    Now we know Covid Jan

  3. thanks for jan and peter.thrilled that peter is commentating

  4. I’m disappointed with the form of this tournament. Too less games to be base for such important results.

  5. 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿 Nodirbek g’alaba muborak bo’lsin !!

  6. why are chess players so disgusting? not even the courtesy of looking your opponent in the eye while accepting defeat. Never seen it in football, or tennis or any other sport.

  7. Photographer in pink is the chess24.5 admin..
    Congrats to Uzbekistan
    I wonder if Boris the bullet-dodger is celebrating..(?)

  8. This should be 20 rounds given the size of this field

  9. chess 24 producers: give poor Jan a (cough) button!

  10. The commentators were so sad that Magnus wasn’t in the finals that they didn’t even praise the young lad. Well done Nodirbek! 👏

  11. wow this kid beat both the world champion and the challenger!

  12. Sorry, i couldn't watch the entire thing. Why are Nodirbek and Ian only playing at the end when there are 4 people with the same points

  13. It would mean so much more to the fans, and probably to himself, if the competition itself wasn't absolute horseshit. Was ruined and will forever mark this victory with a star by his name, and tbh that's not his fault, but it's very sad.

  14. Congrats to the boy, impressive tournament, well deserved even if he got a bit lucky here and there. Kinda dumb rule on the tie for first place though. Either use Buchholz without tiebreak or let all or them play it out.

  15. Love the way Nod plays. No fear against the best players in the world! Magnus will be mad for the Blitz Tournament!

  16. How is it decided who gets to play in the tiebreak if more than two players have the same points?

  17. Amusing how the commentators predict the future at 4:15:00: Before the last round pairings are set, they speculate on the possibility of a four-way tie, with Leko saying he thinks only the top two based on tie-breaks would participate in the playoff and Gustaffson commenting he didn't like it.

  18. Thank you chess24 for the awesome broadcast. Great coverage and great commentary

  19. Discussion about tiebreak: easy to criticize, but harder to suggest a better rule. You could have 7 players with equal points, which tiebreak you play then? What if 10 players have equal points? The rule is pragmatic, even if the audience wanted something different in this tournament.

  20. Had it been the other way round: had Carlsen got through to the final because of better tie-breaks and Abdusattorov been left out … I wonder if the commentators would have spent more than an hour complaining in that case …

  21. 1:36:54 music breaks for Peter Leko to rant for like 2 minutes, legendary moment

  22. The tiebreaks were so unfair regardless of who you're rooting for… If 4 players have the same top points, they are ALL deserving of a tiebreak

  23. He won by the rules, fair and square. He also beat Nepo, who is no slouch, in the play-off.
    Other players should complain about the rules beforehand, not afterwards.


  25. Congratulations Nodirbek for winning Championship 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 such a brilliant young Grandmaster 😍

  26. Being frome Serbia, I'm really enjoying GM Leko's accent!
    Great commentary from Jan, also!.

    I had trouble accepting GM Hamer's accent, too. But I really enjoy his commentary, too…

  27. I must say I'm so disappointed in this format. It's simply too random who wins!!! They should change the format so that after 13 games the top 4 players with the most earned points would meet in semifinals culminating in a grand finale (best out of 3 games in all finals)

  28. Imagine losing two World Championship matches in the same year… It has to be amazing to take part but so frustrating to lose. Stay strong.

  29. I really can’t stand the camerawork. That roaming camera showing all the players playing is distracting and pointless. Meanwhile, showing other players while the 2D board is following another game is super annoying. Can you not sort this out, chess24? It’s ruining the excellent commentary.

  30. Fabi didn't know the rules because they are completely moronic

  31. Rapid chess is very far from classic chess, this is just impossible in classic chess

  32. Nodirbek mashaalloh congratulations
    Lets go Uzbekistan 🇺🇿

  33. History has been made! Congrats to the Rapid Champ!

  34. Nodribekka like davay O'zbeklar shu yerda🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿

  35. Nodirbek well done! Congrats Uzbekistan 👏

  36. It's a shame that chess24 and the commentators don't provide the slightest coverage of the women tournament. I'd love to have Leko insights on the women matches

  37. Nordirbek is so talented BUT It's simply too random who wins and by the way I'm not a Magnus Carlsen supporter!!! The winner should be a worthy winner and It's not difficult to make that happen. Change the format so that after 13 games the top 4 players with the most earned points would meet in semifinals culminating in a grand finale (best out of 3 rapid games in all finals). In the last 5 rapid championships no more than 4 players were tied for first place after all rounds were played. FIDE needs NEW leadership!!!

  38. Drink coffee before watch the games ..i'm really really enjoy watching gm's rapid idols gm Magnus Carlsen..and Hikaru Nakamura..Alireza firouza

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