World Rapid Chess Championship | Day 1 | Peter Leko & Surya Ganguly

Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura & Alireza Firouzja are all in action for the 2021 FIDE World Rapid Championship in Warsaw, Poland, with GMs Surya Ganguly & Peter Leko commentating live. Follow the games with interactive boards:

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  1. Chess play requires accuracy of mind. We cannot tolerate such shoddy production errors. GET IT TOGETHER!

  2. whats the big fuzz about this quick rapid blitz games… would be much nicer if they gathered for classical games

  3. so nice games but they focus mainly on indian players

  4. GM Leko never disappoints. Much respect to this guy he will always be my favorite.

  5. 5:43:04
    Surya: I understand, at some point we ave to push the pawns.
    Leko: I dunno. Maybe he wants to win it with a king march?
    Surya: (Laughing) Unless we can push it the other way around…
    Leko: Yes…
    Surya: And queen it on the first rank… (Explaining with hand gesture)
    Leko: (Silent, not amused)

    Brush it off, dude. It was laugh out loud funny for me. You'll get him in the later rounds.

    Surya: I think after Anish winning that game the entire system couldn't take it anymore.
    Leko: Who can blame it? (LOL)
    Surya: (LOL)

    Triumphant Surya!

  6. 2:16:37 they move to Fabiano's board where he just played Nh3-g5, I'm surprised neither of them commented but the e5 knight was just hanging – Qxe5 instead prompts immediate resignation right? The d6 pawn is pinned. Qxe5 also hits the loose rook on h8 so it's not like black even has a good reply.


  8. Nepo: Magnus, I will beat you with my e4.

    Magnus: Man, this is how you do it.

  9. Maybe you could have time stamps or something on these uploads

  10. Suggestion. It would be very useful if you could provide time signatures with headings for the various of this video in the description box just below the video (e.g. "Abdusattorov v Caruana 3:30"). Most people don't have the time to watch a 7hr 26min long video. Thanks.

  11. I am not liking this commentry setup , I mean listening to Surya and Leko is of course great , but everything seems unplanned , they are randomly shifting to different games and then just getting lost in deep analysis which at that moment most of the audience are not interested … They should have at least 3 different streams like they had in champions chess tour and World chesa Championship so that different set of audiences can enjoy the games at their respective level

  12. They should change the format so that after 10 games the top 4 players with the most earned points would meet in semifinals culminating in a grand finale!

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