World Rapid Chess Championship 2012, Day 3

Sergey Karjakin won the FIDE World Rapid Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan on Sunday, July 8th. The Moscovite finished on 11.5/15, a point more than Magnus Carlsen, who lost to Vassily Ivanchuk and Alexander Grischuk on the last day. Veselin Topalov finished in third place. The Bulgarian edged out Shakhriyar Mamedyarov on tiebreak.


  1. Мы были на этом чемпионате мира!

  2. Thanks for uploading those videos. One can already find the games with analysis on the chess websites, but it's much better when one can see the players' reactions at the end of the games. And congratulations to Karjakin for his championship. He will be a world champion in 10 years I guess.

  3. Chuky, the Funniest Man in The World 1:09 – 1:58

  4. Awesome video. Topalov has such a warm smile.

  5. Poor Carlsen. Sometimes I prefer Karjakin, he is really stable and sound.

  6. I tihnk both – Karjakin and Carlsen – deserved the win , both played very good , but carlsen slipped up at the end ! Well , 2. place isnt that bad either is it? 🙂

  7. If they turn Carlsen's head upside down he would have the biggest smile.

  8. thye alwasy seem they have to urgently, go somehere after their game!

  9. It`s a tactic to have a poker face during a chess game. You will alert the opposing player if you chuckles, smiles or by looking depressed when you or the other player makes a move.

  10. Carlsen is losing 0_0 . Too much cocaine in the bathroom ?

  11. Chess game or not, Carlsen looks miserable whatever he does.

  12. Then you haven`t seen much interviews of him outside the chess arena.

  13. this was actually really entertaining coverage. very good clip edits.

  14. At the 2:34 did Carlsen put his king on check?? One incorrect move ;D

  15. Topalov is great! So positive even when losing!

  16. Ivanchuk is crazy! How can you not like this man…

  17. Really dude i'm ches fan but when i see carlsen playing i'm like, this shit didnt worth it.

  18. At 1:36 Chucky is about to play the excellent LINE-OPENING SACRIFICE (DEFLECTION) 43 … Nd3-f4+! to expose Carlen's White h3-king along the third rank.

  19. Karjakin seems such a nice guy. Nice victory for him!

  20. ♙♙♙♙♙♙♙♙

  21. now the two champions, magnus and karajkin are meeting in new york!!!

  22. Ivanchuk always jump after winning from carlsen 😕😕😕😕

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