World Rapid Chess Championship 2012, Day 1

After five rounds of play, Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin are sharing the lead at the World Rapid Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan. Both players scored 4.5/5, and are followed by Veselin Topalov, Alexander Grischuk and Teimour Radjabov, who have a point less.


  1. someone following the tournement on ITS ipad 😛

  2. Even a 2600 like Kazhgaleyev must get nervous sitting across the board from Carlsen…

    Glad to see Karjakin's doing well, there's still a lot of untapped potential in him and it'd be great to see him working his way up to Carlsen's level.

  3. I laughed at Carlsen saying that Morozevich is not a bad player! He is extremely smart, yet from his speech and mannerism one can get the idea that he has Asperger Syndrome. Not that it is a bad thing, actually it is a blessing in today's society.

  4. what is the official website with live broadcast?

  5. Let´s go Karjakin,you surely can beat Carlsen.

  6. worldchess(dot)kz/en Got the URL from fide(dot)com

  7. It's a world class tournament and very pleasant to follow but I think with Anand, Aronian, Kramnik, Nakamura, Gashimov, Caruana, Giri, Shirov, Nepomniachtchi, Ponomariov missing you cannot call it a World Championship.

  8. can you please tell me again what's the name of the official website? I'd really appreciate it

  9. 4:41 the official website is worth WHAT? 🙂

  10. Where were all these big shots btw? Any common reason why they weren't present?

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