World Rapid Championship 2022 | Day 3 | Peter Leko & Jan Gustafsson

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen heads the field for the 2022 World Rapid Championship in Almaty, Kazakhstan. GMs Peter Leko & Jan Gustafsson commentate on the third and final day of the Rapid.
Watch the games: (Open) & (Women).

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  1. Should have 2 boards. One for live play and one for analysis. Certainly don't need to see announcers faces. And where's that white analysis bar on side of board?
    Thanks for the video.

  2. Anyone know what is the chess24 background music that plays at 3:06:56 and after

  3. Thank you for great commentary, hope so much you both continues in the future when Mordor takes over Chess24

  4. Biggest Gainers from World Rapid in terms of rating points :
    Arjun Erigaisi +57 (finished 5th)
    Nihal Sarin +50 (finished 9th)
    Vincent Keymer +40 (finished 2nd)
    Abdusattarov +37 ( finished 10th)

  5. Noone from the USA represented in the women's section. That's a shame.

  6. Niemann proving he's among the best of the best securing a convincing 98th place. Carlsen will now sure bow down in shame and take a loan just to pay the 100M up in advance.

  7. Hans with 6/13 😂 can’t cheat his way to first place

  8. I'm a little behind but yes commentary great thanks! The eval bar, it's kinda a weird thing. I'm a patzer so sometimes the bar jumps it's like a puzzle you know? not all bad. tough call.


    Wow, so beeindruckt von Vincent Keymers Performance. Er scheint seit dem JB Generation Cup vor 3 Monaten, wo ich ihn zuletzt spielen gesehen habe, nochmal so viel besser und auch selbstsicherer geworden zu sein, was sein Spiel angeht; diese Dedication kann einen einfach echt nur umhauen. Ich fiebere dem Tag entgegen, an dem er Magnus Carlsen in einem solchen Turnier übertrumpfen kann, aber ich hoffe, dass er sich nicht übernimmt und zu den richtigen Zeitpunkten einen ausreichenden Ausgleich zum Schach-Grind findet. The brightest candles…don't usually burn very long. Vorsicht.

    Ich schalte auch morgen für das Blitzturnier wieder rein, aber schon mal vielen Dank für diesen hervorragenden Kommentar von Peter Leko und Jan Gustafsson! Es macht wirklich Spaß, euch zuzuhören. Das sehe ich aber natürlich unter anderem so, weil ich euren Bias für euren Schützling teile 😉
    And congratz to Magnus, legendary as ever! 😀

  10. Those 2-ignorant commentators should be barred from any future commenting… not only that they are third grade chess players but also they are very unprofessional in commenting, they are loud and rude… It was great tournament but those two guys really make all the best to not enjoy it to the full… … to add, there are a lot great speakers to comment so perhaps you should start screen the potentials for any future events so we may enjoy any future championships to the full… kiss

  11. The match between Dinara and Tan was nerve wracking. I can't believe Dinara lost it.

  12. No one cares or watches women chess
    Dont show it

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