World Chess Championship: Day 1

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0:00 Intro
1:20 Magnus
6:30 Other Great Games
25:58 More Magnus

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  1. The last game Magnus's idea came from a very famous game of the nimzo larsen, which is Fischer vs Andersson, this game changed the hedgehog forever. He literally executed the same manouvers and ideas of that game

  2. Pepe Cuenca is also a Doctor, He has a PhD in mathematics

  3. LEVY. COVID CAUSED BRAIN FOG TAKE. * GLUTATHIONE * 1,000 mg twice a day I had Brain Fog from Covid19. gone …also Vitamin D3 8,000 IU a day & Liposomal Vit. C
    Most people not outside enough to get it from Sunlight.

  4. Regarding Kazakhstan’a capital it was Almaty in 2000s then the capital moved to another city called Astana (which translates to “the capital”) then the previous president (who was a dictator) changed the name of the city to his name, so it became Nur-Sultan. The dictator has recently been decrowned and now the name gone back to Astana.

  5. "As always, its Day 1." This has running gag energy

  6. Reckon Valentinas UFC equivalent in terms of putting on a show would be Gaethje

  7. As someone in Norway I feel the subconscious urge to vote for Magnus

  8. You should make something called either blunder to brilliant or brilliant to blunder where you cover games that either started off really bad but then became really good or that started of really good but then ended really bad.

  9. Yes Bassim Amin is a Legend with huge fan base in Middle east 👏👏

  10. it is pronounced Foréést 🙂 not like forest. insane game by magnus

  11. 26.35 after Bf5 why not magnus played e4 forking knight and bishop

  12. I am from egypt and a GM Dr bassem amin fan

  13. Why there is a separate women tournament? This is chess, there is no physical contact , no understanding that one

  14. Bruh at 30:52 , magnus cud just move his rook to G8 and get a direct mate instead of moving it to g7 , am i just too dumb or like c'mon smone explain me

  15. Does anybody mind telling me why there is a women's section in chess? Like obviously in physical sports that makes sense since there are objective physical differences between men and women, but in a mental game like chess it doesn't seem like there should be any difference.

  16. wait i am curious in the third game i believe when Gunina valentina after sacrificing her queen didint take with the rook and the forking the king and king can you ecsplain

  17. Can someone explain. I'm pretty new to chess, but why is there a women's section? Like surely they aren't insinuating that woman have different intelligent levels than men lol? Why are they dividing gender, it just seems insane to me.

  18. At 18:07 when black knight takes queen, isnt that a self checkmake? Cuz white rooks can just keep applying pressure to king?

  19. Congrats on the 2 million subs! Saying 2.06M now. Not sure when you passed the milestone but richly deserved.

  20. 26:52 HAHA get fucked I guessed it! you said I would never guess it so I guessed the move I thought was one of the dumbest moves possible! My 800 brain worked to my advantage!

  21. Wow the last game by magnus. 😮 I think he saw all of it before the crazy pawn push. 🥶🥶

  22. Bruh, thanks to you and your videos or shorts, I started playing chess a week ago. Drama, emotions. Playing chess and watching you gives me so many positive emotions, thx bro ❤️

  23. Wait girls don't play with the guys in chess lol why? They can't be stupid, can they? Or are guys just better lol 😆

  24. At 3:56, I found …e5, but I thought white could reply with Nxe5 instead of dxe5, which nolonger allows black Bxg4.

  25. Moral of the story, 5:55 you’ll never beat a GM if you can’t master your endgames. You quite literally need to play the endgame perfectly or you get crushed by Magnus/engine.

  26. 21:20 yes sadly the romanian chess federation gave Rapport Richard better terms and he said in the hungarian circumstances he cannot continue his carreer in that level so sadly he is not represents hungary anymore

  27. Isn't this the 4th "world chess championship" in the last couple of months?

  28. 20:42 I like women tennis, but I don't think they could. women and men tennis are two different sports, it just looks similar.

  29. so now romania has a top 5 chess player, good job romania, making up for the arrest of andrew tate


  31. the thing i dont understand about the engine is how like, if the engine is vs the engine, the engine with a +1 advantage will always win, so how does the engine say that you are “+1” if because im +1 im actually just +99 and have mate in infinity.

  32. Why is there women chess can't they just play in the same league?

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