World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen vs Woman No.1 Grandmaster Hou Yifan 2021 (Rapid)

Magnus Carlsen vs Hou Yifan 2021- GoldMoney Asian Rapid – Meltwater Champions Chess Tour


  1. Юдит, вернись к нам😔😔😔

  2. Magnus literally seemed bored while playing this game

  3. I am more in line with Bobby Fischer and his version of Fischer Random..without theory and memorization Carlsen is just a very strong player, a grandmaster..playing Fischer Random, Bobby Fischer would have drubbed Carlsen 6-0 in a 10 game question

  4. Chess24 internacional:Super serios y arreglados.
    Chess24 españa: Pepon y divis hablando de cualquier chorrada y si pueden, disfrazados 😂😂😂

  5. Move30:you could go knight B7 forsing move with rook or bishop if bishop take, rook c7 and endgame with rook and bishop vs rook and knight

  6. I feel like Magnus is playing below is level to make it more entertaining sometimes. Or give people a fighting chance. Some say it's poor sportsmanship but I don't even know how to feel about it. It's just kind of the way he plays sometimes. Sometimes he is the best chess player to ever live and other times he plays like a new grandmaster. It's weird

    Though I think it for sure has a lot to do with his emotional state during a game which is true for a lot of people. He was probably pretty upset about the last game and noticed this game was going poorly and then brought out a sledgehammer

  7. That is why this man is the world Champion. Personally, I rate him as the greatest ever. Why? Not just the strength of his Chess but the continued growth of his Character in promoting this beautiful and complex game. Very few have been such fine ambassadors for the game and maintained such playing strength. It is a testament to him that he has maintained such brilliance with humble fortitude. Perhaps Tal's style and persona eclipses Magnus.

  8. i don't understand before why i hate female commentator …. maybe cause there unusual talks ohh ….

  9. Did anyone hear, “they’re older, they focus on other things in life, they don’t work as hard… oops, didn’t mean to say that on live tele” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 do NFL players not think about football 24/7 even if they have a family and social life? Whatta stupid comment, doesn’t matter if the best chess player in the world said it, WE ALL WORK HARD, this is second nature to these people

  10. Hou Yifan is such a brilliant player though. She sees so clearly, her thinking is crystal. She seemed hesitant against Magnus which always seems to be the fatal flaw of the female players (except of course Judit). Can't wait to see what happens if/when she takes up chess full time!

  11. Everything was planned by Carlsen beforehand from the very beginning. ( He's a bit of an actor,he should go to Holywood! ). Anyway, a perfect game by Carlsen. ( I would have liked to see Ms Hou's face after she played …h6 and …Ab7) Anyway She's very talented as well. Regards.

  12. I saw the agadmators and when i see this,,,I really thought this is deja vu lol

  13. Someone needs to buy Hou Hifan a better camera

  14. Can we watch chess without a running commentary from internet experts ?

  15. Hou Yifan is one of my favourite players but Magnus was too good here. The commentators weren't convinced by his opening but that's Magnus.

  16. I'm a noob chess player here but why didn't yifan take the pawn with the bishop?

  17. The board is too large to understand the game. The players' faces should be bigger.

  18. So mans are smarter then women.. woow, have surprising.. But.. but… feminists are saying thet were all the same.. huh.. sneaky liars. 😅😆

  19. Dudes she's rank 99 as june 2022 and magnus carlsen is rank 1. Of course we all expect magnus to win

  20. Bishop takes then rook will pin. That's why Magnus is called "end game master".

  21. Hou Yifan is unbelievable. She dominated women’s chess and also went to college full time, while doing other stuff, then went to Oxford, then became the youngest ever professor at Shenzhen University, deciding to keep chess as a “hobby.” What’s next?!

  22. 9.00 She could have killed the pawn with the bishop and if knight takes bishop then rook can take the knight. Someone please explain. And why did magnus play a6 instead of a7?

  23. 😂 I think Magnus camera is frozen .. proceeds to blink in that same position 🤣

  24. Theres a video clip somewhere when magnus was with her and she pointed out something he missed . He humbly agreed

  25. In an alternative universe where they got married their child would be the greatest chess machine the world had ever seen.

  26. Hou!Chciałbym być mistrzem samego siebie i wygrywać wszystko co jest możliwe.Janusz.

  27. If you can be one of the top 100 chessplayers and be in Oxford at the same time, that is simply unbelievable. She would have made more money with a Youtube chess channel though.

  28. Chess is a only game that allows you to play using your intelligence and only this, so you can measure it with a chess. And why there is women's and man's separate chess tournaments? For boxing and running I understand, nobody can deny that man's are stronger and faster.. because man have bigger muscles and harts, lungs and other organs that helping with that. Man's brain is olso bigger then woman's, but feminists are saying there nothing to see here, this only because of general body size diference, but I think evolution make our bodies to safe energy.. it will not spend energy and resources on something it will not use, so man's using this extra size for something, it's not just sitting there doing nothing. Chess is a game about intelligence and because they separating it for women and men it's seams like they know the answer, just to shy or politically correct to tell it, because it's gonna look bad if they say this even if it's true, so for them is just better to deny and live in the lie.

  29. "She played Carlsen 5 times in classical chess and lost 5 times, unfortunately". Why unfortunately?!

  30. Damn, these feminists in the comment section is making me wanna puke.

  31. Why magnus looks like he will fall asleep any second 😂

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