World Blitz & Rapid Chess Championship 2021

Magnus Carlsen, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Hikaru Nakamura, and tons more Grandmasters competing in the World Rapid/Blitz Championships 2021.

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0:00 Intro
1:13 Game 1
5:50 Game 2 – Duda
11:13 Game 3 – Storylines
16:12 Game 4 – This Guy Is Crazy
20:29 Game 5 – Angry Slav
26:06 Game 6 – DONT SKIP HERE

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  1. White Queen about to get traded to Sacramento

  2. Polish people say Warszawa, not Warsaw 🙂

  3. Even the chess world is clowning on Ben Simmons lol

  4. No word of a lie you said "I sat through all the adds" and I then had 2 unskipable adverts.

  5. I like your Shirt man 😉 thanks for keeping us updated, much appreciation

  6. "Shes going full Ben Simmions on us" Great quote

  7. I gotta say Rapid is by far my favorite format for watching chess. Enough time for actual good games with creative tactics, without leading to a draw every time

  8. just as Levy said "I sat through all the ads…" I got an ad lmao

  9. You asked so I'll be honest.. That shirt colour suits your face really well tbh. Nice.

  10. 5:21 Yes! I was searching to find more about Levy's hair getting in his mouth! 😁 You make many peoples day man! 😆 God bless and have a fine year change ( "fijne jaarwisseling" in dutch; this expression doesn't exists in english, to my knowledge, it's wishing to others to have a smooth transition from the current to the new year).

  11. At 15:17 a rook sacrifice leads to mate in many different ways. Surprised this was over looked. Am I missing anything @GothamChess ?

  12. 0000000000000000000000qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

  13. *PANTING*, HE CAN'T LONG CASTLE AT 13:50, THE BISHOP HAS VISION ON THE BACK RANK 😁, 13 other people probably already said that 😐

  14. Levy I like your shirt. Where did you get it from? I want the same one but red.

  15. Levy this is how to say Warsaw in polish: Varshava 😉

  16. In English you pronounce "Warsaw" exactly as you do, so /war-saw/. In Polish though, it's Warszawa and it's pronounced "Var-shuh-vuh/, I guess?

  17. why isn't levy there in the championships??????

  18. Did anyone notice how Levy makes the gestures with his hands when pieces are being taken, the same as Ivanchuk did in that famous interwiev? 😀

  19. I think I like your shirt, but the polka dots you mentioned don't really show in the video so I may have a different opinion in person

  20. 1:22 Kosteniuk:
    -Plays a4 a5
    -Refuses to elaborate further
    -Continues as if nothing happened.

    It's beautiful.

  21. " now this is the main line, this is how it works when youre the world champion " man i could watch that part 50 times and still die laughing

  22. I'm 6 months late but nice shirt Levy

  23. that's funny, it just looks like a regular blue shirt to me, Levy.

  24. 2:11 what about d5 to make the knight move away so you can a private the rook after you played b4

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