WIN AT CHESS in 6 moves!

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  1. Bold if you to assume I will win the game just being up a rook worth of material.

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂 hello you grand master

  3. I decline the queens gambit constantly, why? Because im no simp… Bongcloud is the superior strat

  4. This is good advice playing a human who's not too good at chess, but the moves for black shown here will never be played by a chess app because it simply knows better.

  5. You underestimate my ability to lose a game while up a rook

  6. Gets mad at them for being smart and declining and then destroys them if they do except it😂

  7. I cant believe this wasn't created as a loop. So disappointing ☠️

  8. Dude, that's clever but how is that winning? They can still outplay you

  9. I played check mate in 6 moves. Furst I move( E2 to E4) second move(D2 to D3) 3 move (G1 to H3)
    Forth move (D1 to F3) 5 move (H3 to H5) sixth move (F3 to F7) check mate

  10. It's only how to win a rook not the chess game 🎮

  11. Instructions unclear, my opponent now has 3 rooks

  12. Great but what happens when I blunder even worst than my opponent 💀💀💀

  13. I'd push the pawn to fuck up white's pawn structure tbh

  14. So why didn't the chess board explode on C4

  15. What if they defend with the bishop?

  16. Last time i checked he didnt win he just has a good position which doest mean win

  17. I’m good for a minute don’t need to inmate

  18. me being 800 elo i can definetly loose that

  19. What if you're playing someone who knows how to avoid old opening traps? Then they play 2…e7 or c7 and you now need to know how to play for a win in 60 moves.

  20. Queens Gambit huh….
    I might need to know what that is

  21. horse laughing in corner for his move 😂😂

  22. when I take the free pawn i just dont protect mine and i continue with my plan

  23. Sorry levy but I'll still find a way to throw

  24. Didn't you know theirs the three move😅

  25. when you do e3 to win back the pawn, cant you do e4 because it works the same and its blocking the other bishop?

  26. They should do the same thing right.. if not then it would be reverse🥲. Only in video u can win in 6 moves.. Not against elo 1000 above

  27. i will pick any ai that shoots water balla

  28. …and if they do nothing you win a full…
    -No, please!

  29. It´s so funny how all the IMs and GMs think i would win the game when i catch the rook of my opponent. 😂

  30. Bro stop disclosing the traps. How else are we going to make fun of them😅?

  31. I could win the rook and still lose, that's just the kind of power I hold

  32. Instructions unclear: I am now queenless 😂

  33. Whenever people do Queens Gambit on me, I just do the Englund Gambit and somehow I avoid it. I am a coward for sure.

  34. bro you talk like chess master 😂

  35. That wont work on my friend they dont know how to play chess

  36. Nuh-uh, Nimzo-Larsen with 1…g6 and King's Fianchetto with 1…b6 does the same.

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