Win At Chess #16 (1800-2500)

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This is a series I’m launching called How To Win At Chess. This is episode 16. We will feature many openings for beginners, intermediate, and hopefully advanced players, as well as discussions of middlegame strategy, tactics, and so on.

0:00 Introduction
0:40 Game 1 vs 1796
18:00 Game 2 vs 2200
37:47 Game 3 vs 1840
56:30 Game 4 vs 1852
1:13:23 Game 5 vs 2074
1:34:02 Game 6 vs 2517

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  1. Bro just can trap the queen if the bishop move c6 then push the c pawn

  2. I usually don't comment but I appreciate the content.

  3. Love the content – 2 years late – but 1:42 minuts in 🙂

  4. I didn't even realize we were up to 100min when Gotham said leave a comment

  5. "Welcome back to playing chess instead of cutting my Leaning Tower of Pisa lookin ass hair-doo" 😂😂

  6. Well done man, this must be exhausting but it's good squishy

  7. I usually don't comment, but appreciate the work. Спасибо

  8. I never comment. But I enjoyed it very much

  9. I usually don't comment but i appreciate the content or something😁

  10. I like to passively watch your videos even 100 minutes in to learn chess and see oprotunities in the midgame that i kinda struggle with. Im still only 500 elo but hopefully i can give you all the credit if i get to 1k elo.

  11. I usually do not comment, but I appriciate the content. 🙂


  13. I've played the exact same opening as game 6 as white probably around 3-5 times. Yes there was the exchange in rooks by knight forks in 1 of the games too. It's probably more common than you think. White tries to dominate the center for space and predicts you will launch the D pawn so white launches the C pawn attempting to prevent the D pawn from going up 2 spaces then if black takes it white then launches his D pawn to connect to the advanced E pawn.

  14. Against the 2500, it's a position I sometimes get against an alapin when I play sicillian

  15. Usually don’t comment but made it that far at 5am lol

  16. You were so tired on this last game, and it was so wacky. How hilarious if you woke up the next day and this last game didn’t actually happen it was just a dream lol

  17. Watched the entire thing over 3 days in my break time. Thanks you for all the good work!

  18. still watching at minute 100 and appreciating the content

  19. yep still here at 100, u make the game more addictive

  20. I usually don't comment, but appreciate the content.

  21. I don’t write comments but wow! What a gem of content! P.S. got your course right after. 🫶

  22. "I usually don't comment, but I appreciate the content"

  23. Levy is fun to watch as he constantly squirms on screen. His infectious approach fills in the gaps entertainment-wise. He makes players of any level feel interested in the next thing he has to say. Because it so interesting and unpredictable.

    Interesting and unpredictable = entertainment

    Thank you Levy.

  24. at about @11:10, is there an idea for Knight sac and take e4, if they take back, you can give a check with Rook; They can defend with Ne6, at which point you can just push the d pawn to pin knight?

  25. I usually don’t comment, but I’m enjoying the content.

    Great episode! ❤

  26. 😂😂 keep at it!
    I am unpacking my new Staunton pieces and it's taking an age 😊

  27. I love this long form content, it helps me understand how a master would think, I watch a lot but don’t comment often

  28. 22 minutes in. Now were playing chess lmao

  29. Wow that bit about the brick. Holy shit. Lmao

  30. I usually do not comment, great work!

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