Why did Magnus quit the Classical World Championship? πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

Why is Magnus not playing in the classical chess world championship? Hear from Magnus himself. Enjoy

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  1. ✍️Magnus Carlsen:-
    "Maybe if I didn't have the talent in chess I'd find the talent in something else. The only thing I know is that I have talent in chess, and I'm satisfied with that"

  2. Since there is no Magnus,Fabi should win ❀

  3. There should be a different rhytm…every 4 years the qualification with the candidates, and always 2 years later the ELO-best-player against the Worldchampion.

    And a lower time-format
    1h+1:30 for 40 moves etc.

  4. Classical chess produces numerous draws most of the moves are memorized from an engine without any form of creativity

  5. Its a ploy to let hikaru win so he can come back and sieze it from hikaru

  6. Not having to spend 6+ months of the year preparing for the fide champs? Ace.

  7. I respect Magnus for being 100% honest, giving straight up answers without any bla bla bla. Right to the point.

  8. The guy beats people on 5 minutes, why would he want to sit around for a bunch of games that takes someone 30 minutes to make a move

  9. why does he sound like hes spongebob saying he dont water πŸ˜‚

  10. MC is one out of three potential GOATs. By winning the classical world championships for another let's say 10x he has the chance to become the one and only GOAT.

  11. They should just make the winner of the candidates the world champion.

  12. Imagine being so strong that you dont need championship, rather the championship needs you

  13. This is a great loss to the chess community because no matter who wins it in my eyes it’s the lineal championship and it lessens the great achievement it is

  14. He used to be play the other candidates to be the World Champion..He is kindhearted grandmaster..I wish i could see magnus in personal..it"s my wishes in my life.😊

  15. Randomize the 1st two moves and force that to be played.

  16. "I really like the life I have now."

    He broke into the scene so young and stayed on top so long. Man deserves his poker, beers, goals and unruly curls — while still beating other chess supers πŸ˜‚

  17. Maybe mare games less time and the tie barkes should be fisher random

  18. It must suck to be the World Champion, knowing that no one cares because everyone wants to watch Magnus.

  19. It's like Tom Brady saying, I ain't playing in the Super Bowl anymore

  20. There is no money in classical chess. Bobby Fischer said it a long time ago. People today want immediate gratification.


  22. I think hes getting old and don't wanna risk his reputation with an absolutly extenuatin format.
    (Remember he could easely lost his last two championships: He dawn with Caruana at classical, and, later, had the longest game in history of classical with Ian)

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