Why did Magnus do this?

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  1. Sensei says plain water enema before game and drink water

  2. Nah. Stop Capping. he Offered a Draw Because He saw Stalemate In 69 Moves

  3. How does moving you're knight there mean you are offering a draw?

  4. 🤔🤔🤔 How do we know it is a draw??? 🤔🤔

  5. How did magnus offer the draw? Verbally? Or by making a certain move?

  6. Can anyone explain how did Gujarati know that Magnus is offering draw with that knight move. Magnus did not even said anything. How it was a draw offering move?

  7. Imagine making Magnus do it right there just because you did not accept the draw 💀

  8. So he basically forced his opponent to adraw which he planned

  9. the chess community has so much humor! im laughin so much litereally under all GothamChess's videos (especially those with Magnus)

  10. Can someone explain how this is a draw? Fking chess is impossible to understand…

  11. In Germany we would would say "Dat wird nen Dünnie"

  12. Pov :- toilet is more important than chess game 😂😂

  13. Shook opponents hand, then shook his head and said “I need to shit”

  14. Sometimes… when you gotta poop… you GOTTA poop. High stakes game or not. Haha

  15. “What just happened?” “ I need to take a shit” 😂

  16. The game already started when magnus has Indian curry last night

  17. Can someone explain to me what makes this a draw

  18. How can this be a draw in five moves? Someone explain please

  19. Magnus's shortest game is

    1. d4 Nf6
    2. c4 0-1

    against Hans Neimann

  20. high probability this will happen to you when you visit India

  21. “Watch how Vidit looks at Magnus. That’s because Magnus offered him a draw just after 5 moves”
    Me a -1,500 ELO: “Huh?”

  22. If I can get a Draw against Magnus when he is sick. I’ll take it 😂

  23. Comments are hilarious.. you guys are awesome 😅😅😅

  24. Im a noob 😂 is the constellation on the Board an obvious draw or did he offered him it verbally 🤯🤔

  25. Porque 💩 me salen videos de este tipo si ni el ajedrez me gusta… YouTube es realmente una 💩

  26. See the reaction in Vidit 's face and what he is thinking about Magnes 😆😅

  27. When Magnus offers you a draw, you take it

  28. I dont understand. How was the draw offered? Couldnt the game continued?

  29. Magnus: Alright…. accept my draw !
    Vidit: *thinks*….. NO bro I'm good.
    Magnus: I got shit to do bro…. please! 😂😂

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