Who’s Better At Rapid Chess? @ApexChesss

make sure to check out @ApexChesss
also let us know if you guys would like a tie breaker (he might smoke me this time)


  1. great video, tragic you didn't just move the pawn in the first game tho ๐Ÿ˜…

  2. Had you played c6 or c5 at 7.00 the queen would have protected the h7 pawn unfortunate miss

  3. you could have brought the bishop back to a6 at 25:04 but I think it still would have been losing cause of the past pawns

  4. I like this video a lot with the different perspectives switching rapidly, you could also try it in a call sometime communicating your ideas via arrows, might add a fun new dynamic, or make it worse, could try it some time

  5. Whoever that apex bro is, he sucks. Missed mate in 3๐Ÿ’€

  6. dno who apexchess is but lets go Voltz Bro!

  7. It's crazy, I'm only on the second minute of the video but you seem like you're in your element with the commentary, just keeping level headed and not dogging on yourself really improves the content.

  8. I used to hate the caro-kann too, untill i found out abt the fantasy variation, now i have an 80% winrate against it

  9. was kinda sure you were a gonner in the first game lol you surprised me G

  10. Man this was entertaining. The duel perspective is great

  11. Having watched both your channels individually, this is epic to see. I've even thought before that you two would be a good match with similar elos. Great to see it happen! You'd get him in the tiebreaker Voltz

  12. This was great! Would be good to see you rematch periodically on both your climbs.

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