When You Realize Your Opponent Has Blundered | Praggnanandhaa vs Raunak | FIDE World Rapid Teams

It was the clash of the Indian prodigies GM R Praggnanandhaa (2645) and GM Raunak Sadhwani (2564) in the sixth round of the FIDE World Rapid Team Championship 2023. When these youngsters sit on the board, they are always looking to go for the kill. Watch the intense game between the two youngsters.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. After g5 also nd5+ write was winning. Prag is human too

  2. It seemed that he was more interested in his neighbors game.

  3. Pragg after the final has a winning mind, he believes that he can beat everyone and he is doing so👏💪

  4. wow, Prag absolutely killing it, even after an exhausting FIDE world cup 2nd place finish.

  5. Raunak was to curios about game on next table.. maybe he should look at his own game next?

  6. Should have focussed on the game on your end, while playing the end-game. Raunak got distracted and that ended his end-game.

  7. This is ridiculous…The guy played looking all the time to another board…

  8. mislealding title.. one more time and i will block this channel 🙁

  9. How did Raunak fall for that last trick tho? I saw it from a mile away. I mean, white was already winning, but he could have resisted much better.

  10. 9:36 When your opponent catches you making a blunder, you used all the skills you learnt in your Saturday afternoon acting classes.

  11. Last chance to save the game at 9:36 What are they doing over there? No….did I just see them bring out freshly baked German Bundt cakes? Wow, how about we call it a draw here and go there and get a piece, Pragg?

  12. Kg5 would have been the most natural move instead of Kf6, no idea why Raunak took it so casually.

  13. Why can't there be clocks on both sides??? See how much time is being wasted by moving the right hand to the left side just to stop the clock.

  14. Raunak had enough time but still he was looking around instead of focusing on his game and made the blunder. I think he needs to improve on his focus, he is not fully using his talent.

  15. After Nf4+, why didnt he just play Kg5? For me, that's automatic considering the time situation. It also avoids exactly what he blundered into, so what am I missing?

  16. Raunak acts like a fool, not focussing on his game board and constantly looking elsewhere. Attempting to show some swag maybe ! Immature body language Raunak

  17. when you're more focused in other games instead of your own 💀

  18. What a good strategy by Raunak. Either "Oh, I lost because I was distracted" or "I won against Pragg while not fully concentrating."

  19. Tournament chess is a balancing act between psychological pressure and chess understanding. Magnus recently praised Pragg as future world championship contender, saying he was 'not just a calculation monster but also very tough'. It feels like Raunak spent too much of his energy trying not to focus on the pressure of playing such an intimidating opponent.

  20. Kid keep playing, it will Change world Order, So there's I bet around the world for top quality talents, i.e: Chess + Coding + knowledge = God

  21. Why the opponent gave up, i can easily draw the match from that moment..

  22. What move did pragg played after the handshake, what was mean of that.

  23. why opponent Pragg always look to the others boards instead of concentration in his own game ?

  24. Am I the only one who can't stand these black banners on the boards?

  25. He lost because he wasn't concentrating anymore (because he thought it was a remise?)and was looking at the board next to him…

  26. These end games are tricky. Especially if you don't know the evaluations.

  27. down a pawn in the endgame against a super GM with 1 minute left on clock "oh let me go check out other stuff over there that seems interesting"

  28. This is where they belong in a critical thinking games. They would literally get destroyed in other sports such as paintball because of their target dot on their four head.

  29. wow he figured out immediately, not even a second

  30. Maybe the Table, Board, and Clothing need some more distracting writing on it.

  31. the best camera angle ever for chess game

  32. Raunak does this kind of thing a lot.

  33. Por eso no es bueno estar volteando para otro lado queriendo mostrar superioridad: cuando te das cuenta ya te ganaron.

  34. Why would you resign in that position. From what I can tell your king is optimal to stop both pawns

  35. praggs face be like this in every thumbnail😂

  36. Pragg is very sharp with his game. He is unstoppable even after exhausting world cup.

  37. Madarchod draw Wale match dikhaya mat karo 😤

  38. prag reaction ay 9:39 speaks so much about the blunder😂😂

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