When Magnus Carlsen almost left the rook and blundered | Carlsen vs Fedoseev | World Rapid 2022

Magnus Carlsen touched his rook on a4 and was going to move it to a2. He was almost going to leave the rook but it would have been a blunder! What happened next? How did Magnus save himself? Check out in this video. This happened in the 7th round of World Rapid 2022.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Did Magnus tell at 12:30 that he thought after 27…Ra2 28.Qc4 was happening cause he seemed surprised when Fedoseev told him e5 fb Bh7+ wins a exchange?

  2. Kudos to the camera man . He knows his job.

  3. Anyone care to elaborate on why rook to a2 would've been a blunder?

  4. Why magnus afraid to play rock to a2?????? Anyone can explain????

  5. can you guys put a board on the screen ? so hard to see the board how it

  6. At 11:46 why can't Fedoseev play Bh6 followed by Bg5 blocking off blacks bishop and clearing the way for Kg5?

  7. Hey, I thought Carlson said he wouldn't play in a tournament with Heinz in it

  8. Dude, Magnus hasn't been as low as 2620 in any rating since he was like 10.

  9. I’m really new to chess but how did Magnus win? I was confused asf they just randomly shook hands lol I know I sound dumb

  10. What opening defence did Magnus employ in this game a nimzo Indian?!

  11. “ Almost left the rook and blundered.”

  12. They looked depressed throughout the game

  13. this one is not too easy to see. i don't know if you should call this a blunder rather than a 'inaccuracy'. moreover, the engine bar only drops from 0 to 1.43. Sure it would've been a bad move, especially on such a high level, and it would have put magnus in a worse position, but then again, everything should be considered a blunder that leads to a loss in the end. i mean, it's a bishop-rook trade. there are worse moves. but yes, it could have made the difference between a draw and a loss.

  14. No se como al final se acuerdan de todas las jugadas, yo con las justas me acuerdo que apertura usé

  15. Magnus forgot to press the clock after that move ?

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