When Hikaru’s draw offer was declined! | Nakamura vs Indjic | World Rapid 2022

The reigning World Fischer Random Champion, GM Hikaru Nakamura (USA, 2795) was on a five-game draw streak. He was on a double hat-trick of draws when he faced the literal giant, Serbia no.1 and tallest GM of the world, Aleksandar Indjic (2547). Find out what happened if Indjic really declined Nakamura’s draw offer.

Replay the full game

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I always enjoyed watching chess players discussing moves and ideas after the game. So cool…

  2. Indjic is the tallest GM in the world, around 206cm 🙂

  3. Clickbait!!!! Hikaru didn't offered a draw.

  4. I love the hierarchy in chess. Hiraku said "I let you get all the counter play" not, "you got all the counter play"

  5. Бојан Bojan Бабовић Babović says:

    A Serb 🇷🇸 accepts no offers, mentality works that way

  6. OK for this but I miss the funny content, with the weird commentator 's face and his spooky voice !

  7. When player who is ranked lot higher than you, offers the draw, there is always some questions.
    "Why ? Is there some serious weakness in his position, which I dont see, but he does ? Is he low on time or not feeling so well physically ?"

    Usually player who offers the draw benefits from it. That is why Serbian GM was so cautious

  8. I want the woman's league to play wearing only their panties !!!!

  9. Who is that mofo snoring in the background

  10. I like Indjic. Respectful, and a great player himself.

  11. The title is clickbait. Hikaru never offered a draw. It ENDED in a draw, after a battle of insane egos.

  12. Indjic ne vidi mat pogledajte reakciju nakamure kada je vidio da je izgubljen ali nažalost indjic to nije vidio

  13. Swarz Sc2,Weis Lf2 ,Swarz Ta4 und Gewohnen Chek mat

  14. I can play chess in a decent noob way, but if somebody tell me about g5 e4 things like that I'm lost.

  15. I think a counted like 200 expressions from Hikaru in that game lmao

  16. Hikaru makes more faces than a pig giving birth

  17. Idk I always— even when I can’t hear what is being said, love the after game banter/ chat about these amazing games y’all play at these events.

  18. 1:00 Hikaru touched the pawn and then moved the Bishop, shouldn't he has to move the pawn?

  19. Why didn't Hikaru protect the last pawn!

  20. 17:29, Can Hikaru not take on c6 and win?

    Edit – Ohhhh nm, Rxc6, Rxc6, then Rb2 and bishop falls.

  21. Hikaru's facial expressions is like he has an endless discussion with himself lmao

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