What did Magnus Carlsen tell Hikaru Nakamura after their game + Special Footage

Clashes between Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen are always very special. It has assumed even mroe importance since Nakamura beat Magnus in the Speed Chess Championship Finals 2022. Check out the their 8th round encounter from World Blitz Championships 2022. Also at the end of the game we have some more footage of the peripatetic Magnus in the playing hall.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Why is the question in the title never answered in the video?

  2. Magnus has gone from looking very clean cut and well put-together, to being totally slovenly. He needs to cut his hair, it looks awful. He should be fined or sanctioned for wearing those white socks and that polo as well.

  3. Spoiler… we never learn what they talk about 😂

  4. he always chats with hikaur afterwards, i wish they would produce content on yt together

  5. Nakamura says.. yes please.. but take me to dinner first 🤣

  6. The Las game was draw in one feel bad for the guy

  7. President of the Chess Club…. 11 years strong

  8. why do they always speed walk when they enter the room.. like they both need to go take a poo

  9. Magnus always walks like he has to take a shit

  10. why did they put the king at the middle of the board when its over ?

  11. Magnus:
    I want to relax my giant brain so let’s draw it.
    Yea good idea master. It was take take take take take take take take take draw anyways.

  12. Omg Magus was actually on time this time! 😂

  13. Today I have a huge commitment… huu true I have to go play a blitz, well I do it quickly, in a minute I move fruit and offer tables and that's it…

  14. I kick Magnus Carlsen's butt at the Not Wearing White Socks tournament.

  15. Why aren't there high budget, studio based, Chess finals? Filmed for TV?

  16. I didn´t even get what the result was

  17. Why they always walk fast to this games lol I'd take my time walk like a badass every intrance

  18. Why they shake hand when the not end yet? Who won??

  19. whats about magnus and his white shoulder? 😀

  20. Hikaru bought the $1000 shirt at Dan Flashes

  21. Hikaru also coming late, not to wait for Magnus himself….

  22. มีคนไทยในนี้บ้างไหม ช่วยอธิบายให้ผมฟังหน่อย ขอบคุณครับ

  23. anyone can explain me who win ? lol i dunno understand 🙁

  24. Hikaru thinking be like :- takes takes takes takes takes tak…..

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