What did Magnus Carlsen tell Arjun Erigaisi after the game? | World Rapid 2022

Arjun Erigaisi is currently one of the biggest talents in Indian chess. In fact he is so good that Magnus Carlsen has himself praised him on previous occasions. In the 5th round of the World Rapid 2022, Arjun Erigaisi was pitted against Magnus Carlsen. What happened in this tense encounter and what did Arjun and Carlsen speak to each other after the game for nearly 3 minutes?

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Stary on my face, when white plays Be6 after Ra8🤒🤒🤒

  2. Es agradable ver la humildad, sencillez e incluso timidez de los jugadores de India.

  3. Magnus loses two pawns…hard night before?

  4. And when Magnus took subway in Oslo, he was sitting like any normal dude and ppl were not bothered. That is why norwegians are very down to earth.

  5. Background sound is so high that we unable to understood what magnus said 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣so we cannot tell what magnus said

  6. Another 3rd rate chess base broad cast
    Cant see anything on phone

  7. They played one game on board and 10 games in mind .. just by talking 🤣🤣

  8. Even video uploder dont know wht magnus telling 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I'm new to watching chess, so I'm wondering who won or was it a draw? Didn't see anything in the video description explaining the result of the game.

  10. Wow draw with Jobava, Arjun was pressing! Amazing

  11. Pls someone do a bad lip reading video of this just for fun 🤣

  12. Am I gonna watch two chess players talking so low that I can't even understand for like 3 minutes straight? Hell yeah

  13. Bristling with pride .. another chess prodigy .. is there no end to the latent talent coming out of the sub-continent?

  14. He said do minute ke liye goti muh me aa gaya tha

  15. Why have you stopped showing board on the top? It was so much better to follow the game with that

  16. just think about it…. what if a dumbass like Niemann were Number one in the world, would he talk to the others like this? we are very well represented gentlemens, thank you Magnus!

  17. pls dont make such stupid videos where you cannot show the moves seperately. It's difficult to understand this way with that camera angle.

  18. Normal People:- Just a Casual Draw 😐
    Chess Fans:- This is ASMR 🧡😏

  19. He managed to have a 3 min masterclass for free 🤣 lol. Awsome guy.

  20. Some players go easy with the preplan battles. While other players go with the flow like Arjun. Magnus' preplanning was broken when Arjun captured his Rooks, Knights & Queen which Magnus preplan didn't work out. Arjun spirit got the understanding not giving up even with few pieces like pawns & bishop. Magnus work to win was with his Queen, knights or Rooks. He got none of that. Plus, as game went on. He was tired. Some players like to make other players to wait. Tactic work. Sometimes. For me I get to my appointment 1 hour early. Leave 1 hour after work finishes. Beyond duty. Go extra mile. Good game! 🙂 Eat Subway's, eat fresh!

  21. With such a great attention the India gross are listening that Magnus explanations!!!
    I had a great fun looking at that.

  22. Their whispers were like Carlson's fluffy unkempt hair. 😃

  23. I love seeing this at the end — Arjun asking questions and Magnus answering not rushing through it and giving his time to Arjun — this says so much about the GOAT Magnus Carlsen — I am a fan of Arjun, Pragg, Hikaru and of course I am Team Magnus!

  24. What they're talking about ? Please tell me

  25. After Magnus and Arjun left, the king pieces were continuing the discussion on the board. I didnt understand either of the discussions.

  26. This guy doesn`t loose a single chance to learn

  27. Every time Magnus talks after a game he looks like he's describing a time when he was super constipated.

  28. As someone who grew up alongside computers I do really appreciate the post match analysis between players that went on for most of history pre computer dominance. It's not entirely lost, but it is definitely less common. I think it is good sportsmanship to discuss your strategy with your opponent. It usually is more beneficial to the lower ranked player and I feel this improves knowledge of the game as a whole.

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