What a relief! Magnus Carlsen vs Levon Aronian | World Rapid 2021

World Champion Magnus Carlsen (NOR, 2842) defeated Levon Aronian (USA, 2728) when they faced each other back in World Rapid 2019. Two years later they meet eac other again. This time the colors got inversed. Will history repeat itself or can Aronian get his revenge? Find out in this video. Experience the laughter and madness of cameraman like never before. Uncover the series evolution, explore character nuances, and stay updated on the latest hilarious escapades that keep audiences worldwide eagerly awaiting each episode. Join the Skibidi Toilet fandom and become a part of the ongoing digital revolution!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Chess player: he could've played Nxb3 cxb3 Be4! Qe7 f5 Qxd2+ Ke1 and it's all over.

    Noob: I like the way they shaked hands. Respect. And he took up this time to set up the pieces after the game.

  2. why did Levon gave up his rook at 3:30 ? he went for knight exchange instead..

  3. what separates these chess freaks is very little – brilliant players should never need to reach an end game

  4. Carlsen is such an endgame monster. Aronian hoped he can trade pawns and then rook vs bishop is usually draw ( rare exceptions exist ), but no such luck against Magnus Carlsen. The way he converted it was elegant too – grabbed the black pawn like almost saying : please, take my rook if you want! 10:52

    Of course black did not take it, because white pawn supported by white king will queen easily after that.

    Nice endgame by the best endgame player of modern times ( and perhaps the best of all times )

  5. Magnus Carlsen he is not a player or a genius, on the contrary he is a
    scumbag who plays on time, he tries to get the players into a time
    constraint at the end of the game, then he starts making a mess on the
    board by starting to translate pieces often pointlessly and thus putting
    pressure on the opponent. it's a scumbag.

  6. He just left … Chessboard is arrnaged by magnus including his.. terrible!!

  7. You need to add a 2d board in order to make these videos better

  8. Put in the SCREEN BOARD. That’s why u get a dislike 👎. Have more passion for the game and respect for the audience. Plus put on Sagah Commentary on these live games. PLEASE I BEG OF YOU

  9. Levon: "I've lost, ok… but you arrange the pieces back to the board!". Magnus: "ok, cause I've won this drawn finale" 🙂

  10. Magnus' Dressing is on POINT. LOOKS SO DAPPER…

  11. Seed of problem appear when Levon exchanged his rook with Magnus bishop..

  12. Aronian's torso and neck movements as always. Kind of a chess break dance.

  13. Seeing a chess game video, without a board on the screen, is like seeing a show of Led Zeppelin without a volume.

  14. WTF the time is already started from maguns side in the starting

  15. Why Magnus Carlsen always comes to the table late

  16. Love how carlsen always fix the chess board and its pieces after the game . True professional and Attitude of a World champion 🔥

  17. Why did not Aronian take the rook and make it remi, then only a pawn up for Magnus?

  18. It's not a draw. Either it would be tranform into queen and rook or would be in rook+king v king endgame.

  19. Is this a chess game or a compilation of aronian chest and neck movements

  20. Always sad to see someone with a political muzzle over their face.

  21. Maggie took the edgy because levy was dry. Good ole boys being frisky and fry saying this'll be the day that I die…

  22. The best thing is Magnus arranging the pieces after the game.

  23. Lovorian’s final mistake is at 10:49, has to move bishop in proximity with rook

  24. Seems like just yesterday when Aronian was making 13 year old Magnus cry 😭

  25. Aronian has blundered "shouldering" idea…)But Magnus is so tricky in the endgames…⚡️

  26. MAGNUS IS A GENIUS😊🤘🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  27. only Magnus can beat Levon Aronian. only him. and only Levon Aronian can beat Magnus.

  28. I'm sorry, Levon was blunder, if he beat the rock, when the rock beat the pawn, he can make a draw, with turn his king to left side…

  29. at 9:14 the endgame is typically drawn if the pawns are blockading each other and the defending bishop is of the opponent's pawn
    in this case I think it is likely drawn because an endgame without the Rg3, Bf3 and Pg4 is drawn because the pawn is on the h file.

  30. if Magnus's opponent doesn't make an excellent move early on, it's very difficult after beating him, his endgame is phenomenal

  31. Whatever happens, Levon is also the best!!!

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