Weirdest game by two super GMs | Dubov vs Nepo | World Blitz 2023

You may have seen many games of chess in your life, but never like this one! Check out the battle between Daniil Dubov and Ian Nepomniachtchi from the World Blitz Championships 2023. Quite insane.

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  1. And it cost him the title respect for dubov❤

  2. They sacrifice themselve just to make us laugh


    hats off

  3. And by move 5 we have a completely new position..

  4. They got penalized for this , no one received any points

  5. It was all part of the plan.. Magnus told Dubov to draw with Nepo so that he wins the tournaments 😊😊

  6. Disrespectful to the game. They should have been penalized much more than just zero points for the game.

  7. 😆👍. The Fide hangers on can suck that one up. Who pays for Fide?

  8. Так забавно слушать о чем они говорят)

  9. Ян имел преимущество у него гаджет справа лежал, однако Дубов смог свести партию к ничьей.

  10. Ничейная смерть шахмат

  11. Right decision of the arbitors to 0 this game in my opinion. such trash shouldn´t be allowed in a world Championship

  12. Couple of clowns. Should've been kicked out of the tournament.

  13. Had this game not been deemed 0-0 instead of 0,5-0,5, Dubov would’ve shared the lead with Magnus at 16 points no?
    So this cost him 1st place

  14. Боже, какой позор, какие позорники😟

  15. Nepo's tattoo tho…. i don't think I've seen it before. Makes me wonder how many other GMs have ink hidden

  16. Obvious game fixing based on their speech. Why weren't they disqualified?

  17. Just a Lazy and Dirty Cooked Draw Match 😂😂

  18. Hikaru and Magnus arranging the draw – "It's ok"
    Dubov and Nepo doing the same – "You have to stop it now!"

  19. Estuvo feo eso la verdad pero debo admitir que fue divertido

  20. This is possibly the greatest game ever played! Chess played to perfection should be a draw. Here, the position was completely symmetric after every move. It is a beautiful draw however you look at it.

  21. O melhor jogo que eu já vi na vida! Só faltou trilha sonora ao vivo! 😌♥️

  22. Ужасно, конечно… Ян и Даниил так тихо и неразборчиво говорят 😢. Ничего, что мы послушать хотим?! 😅

  23. Nepo was cheating. He wrote all the good moves on his wrist.

  24. When my stockfish analysis is complete I will post it here. Maybe another two or three years

  25. Beautifully perfect.
    Fide are soulless clowns, or worse, for docking them both 0.5 points

  26. What about subtitling their conversation to English? They seemed to be having a lot of fun.

  27. Coz they already know one of them gonna fought magnus soo yeah…

  28. Oh no they had fun playing a game! They must be punished for this!

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