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  1. Really appreciate these kind of instructional/analysis videos. Thanks for doing them.

  2. 1st game…. white Qc7… don't you just push your queen to g2 and mate?

  3. I love this content! More of this advanced stuff please

  4. 8:48 you missed Bc5, it creates an escape for the king well also threatening a possible check.

  5. Looks like your 2103 opponent has no idea how to play the Sicilian. If your opponent doesn't understand the basic concepts and doesn't know the theory the game loses any instructive value. I mean Kb4?? Qb6 ?? instead of simply b5 and allowing Kd5 ?? without contesting the square. Just terrible.

  6. Can you do one on how to beat Stockfish at level 4 or 5?

  7. Levy! Bring back long format how to win at chess!! Best series!! (Apart from GTE…)

  8. 25:40 Missed the analysis. Analysis show that sacrifize is the best move, but you can't take the bishop so essentially you just lose a pawn.

  9. why do people take such an analytical approach to watch your video? and why do you relish in it lmao what do you study?

  10. Finally!!! another win at chess video, in check everyday

  11. Can someone please explain to me how the move in minute 7:25 was possible. I am so confused

  12. As a 1600 who dreams of 2000 someday this was a great teaching video.

  13. thanks gotham I just went from 2400 to 2000!!

  14. I am 2300+ on puzzles and 1600 PB in rapid..How?

  15. When I focus on just playing solid instead of being super aggressive I keep winning super quickly…but then I get confident and lose again. It's the worst, but this helped a lot.

  16. This was one of the best instructive video ever


  18. These style videos are my favorite on this channel!

  19. How to win at chess is your best series in my opinion

  20. Where is the old Levy? I know you post for dolllars, but man. But Man

  21. "See this knight? Its trash, its a nonfactor in the game."
    30 seconds later
    "I might capture this knight, its a critical defender."

  22. I got hit plenty by those “obscure” knight jumps I got PTSD! I don’t even think anymore. If the is in a position to jump there and attack my bishop I automatically play pawn A3.

  23. "That is how you take down 2000's" – Damn LOL….

  24. Great video Levy, I've paid money for worse lessons than this.

  25. this video legit got me from 750 to 0 bcs i took a break from chess
    jk love you man <3

  26. 7:29 can someone explain to me please how he can move the black pawn diagnoly to F3 when the white pawn is at F4 ?

  27. gothamchess: casually beats a 2000
    me: struggles against an 800

    this cant be life.

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