Vladimir Kramnik vs D Gukesh | An EPIC Encounter | FIDE World Teams Rapid 2023

It was all heated up at the FIDE World Teams Rapid 2023 as the newly crowned India No. 1 D Gukesh was all set up against the former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik. Will the super-talent outwit the season professional or will the World Champion show why he is still one the best? Watch the thrilling encounter to see what happened in the game.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Kramnik is actually having a great tournament.

  2. Peter is more interested in this game than his 😄

  3. Guki slowly outplayed Vladimir Kramnik Sir.. I can't believe our young generation is strong enough to beat Vlad like a world class player.. Guki OP..👌👌

  4. Gukesh drew the short end of the straw when he had to face Magnus in the semis. in the world chess championship.
    Now he is back to form.❤🎉

  5. Kramnik forgot he was playing for a king side attack, and started making operations on the opposite side, losing time, exposing his King for nothing.

  6. Is this old game because gukesh rating is looking less

  7. Just 4 years back these young Indian GMs had a training camp with Kramnik in Chennai… Now Gukesh is able to beat Kramnik himself… Goes to show how these young GMs have improved their games so much… Gukesh, Pragg, and Arjun are showing great promise for Indian Chess

  8. missed Qh5+ and take free Rook at d1. Gukesh exchange Q instead at Qh4+

  9. This channel just play win player india 😂😂😂

  10. The student beats the mentor!! Great moment for probably both.

  11. Gukesh is epitome of calmness. Defensive position se kya counter attack generate kiya bhai nae .

  12. Giving Open Pass Pawn with Bishop and Rook Backup is Very Brave Strategy against World Chmapion and Super GM Level Player

  13. Is vishy also playing this tournament?

  14. Kramnik Sir, you will realise times have changed…it's a gang of young upbeat GMs from India that are scouring for laurels…roaming the world in search of prey

  15. Крамник се ядоса и не си подреди фигурите. Гукеш нареди и неговите след партията.

  16. Cant wait to see our young Indian GMs winning gold in the upcoming Asian games

  17. Gukesh carrying the will of D

  18. The (mind) game actually started with the three clock moves by both the players even before the first piece was moved. 😊

  19. looked like white had a promising position at some point…. maybe c3 was safer than taking on a6?

  20. THAT'S IT!!! From now on before I start the clock or press the clock just prior to the game or round starting, I will adjust the position of my pieces using a ruler or a protractor or even a laser-guided GPS device. MY PIECES will be precisely positioned in the center of a square before I move any of them. I. WILL. BE. PERFECT!!

  21. I can't understand, why you post video without your commentry. As your commentry enhance so much the experience of the game.

  22. Kramnik was so confident that he epuld get 2nd queen, but…

  23. Not very convincing victory by Guki. The A pawn was looking scary. However, Vlad couldn't keep up the pressure

  24. Why clock is on the left side of gukesh??

  25. The great Kramnik has taught these guys too well!😂

  26. Clock is placed at the wrong side.
    It should be at Right side of Black.

  27. Explain why Vlad resigned? Because he was down 2 pawns?

  28. Guki played just 25% of Tal. But good play.

  29. Kramnik was much better until he got into time trouble. With 15 seconds on the clock he blundered. It's not a masterpiece by Gukesh. If it was, Gukesh could repeat this exact variation, but you can be sure that he won't.

  30. Before zeitnot kram dominated the game, he is clearly ahead of all, still now. He understands the position as nobidy else

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