Vishy Anand is back on the board at the FIDE World Rapid Teams 2023

For any chess fan, it is an absolute joy to see Vishy Anand in action. He is back on the board at the FIDE World Rapid Team Championships 2023 playing for the team of Freedom along with Dubov, Rapport, Vidit, Shuvalova and Shapiro. In this video Vishy explains his win over Jules Moussard, and his very interesing draw against P. Harikrishna. We also ask him about the format of the event which keeps a spot for a player below the rating of 2000. Check out the video to know the thoughts of the five-time World Champion.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Samay should be the amateur board for some team. Would be interesting.

  2. Anand is the legend of Rapid Chess, way better than Magnus Carlsen's record, am I right ?

    How many times has Anand won the World Rapid Chess Championship, may I know ? It's difficult to find the info on the internet. 9 times or more ?

  3. Do grandmaster learn blind fold chess or they learn it automatically over the years.

  4. Why cbi not streaming World rapid team championship event?

  5. His fear is the thing that made many good chess players lose against him in this age

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