V. Medvedev (1710) vs Fatality (1971). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Rapid

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  1. Gratulation fatality. Love you.♥️👍

  2. GG!!!! Классная напряжённая игра, хотя конечно Медведев отставал только на ход… ну или два ))))

  3. Лиза, молодцом. Побед, удачи в личной жизни

  4. I'm continually impressed with Fatality's ability to deploy her forces when the clock is running down. Masterful win.

  5. Excellent win for the young lady. She has recovered since her last game, I was worried it was more serious. Well done.

  6. In the long CFN tradition of “separated at birth” I would suggest Mr Medvedev is in fact German actor Armin Mueller-Stahl. Or, less likely, a monozygotic twin. Before you dismiss the thesis, ask yourself… have they ever been seen together?

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