Unofficial Fischer Random Chess World Championship 2018 – Nakamura v Carlsen Rapid Game 1 and 2

Daniel King analyses Nakamura v Carlsen Rapid Game 1 and 2 from the Unofficial Fischer Random (960) Chess World Championship 2018
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  1. Just why is Chess960 not used any more? it is a political correct naming.

  2. never knew there was castling. too normal

  3. Playing each position with both colors is necessary, because in chess960 some starting positions are known to give White too much of an advantage. I'm loving this match format, but I think the organisers should stop trying to market it as an "unofficial championship" because there was no selection process or even chance for other "candidates" to participate. Calling it such is retarded, and very insulting.

    Excellent commentary by GM King – thank you!

  4. Mr. King, I must have missed it. What was the Chess 960 position? Maybe you mentioned it…..Good Stuff. I think they give them too much time to study. The position should be setup and maybe 5 minutes to study and lets play.

  5. hello daniel, very good analysis. you apologised for going into too much detail, may i just say, for me at least, that was the highlight of the whole video: seeing how this little difference makes a world of difference, "butterfly effect"-esque.

    thanks for coverage of this niche event, great to see something different and entertaining like this!

  6. First time seeing this sort of chess getting high level play and analysis. There are 960 possible starting positions; on my simple DGT electronic chess clock it can display the starting line up for each of the numbers 1 to 960.

    Different subject. I often watch your videos on my phone screen. The board is clear. Only thing I cannot read (if it is displayed) is the names of the players. Could you find some precious screen real estate to show the names of the players?
    Keep up the good work.

  7. I never thought Daniel would cover a 960 game but it is wonderful he did! Open minded thank you! By-the-way, castling is instinctive and natural once you have experience at the format.

  8. I'm very glad that this match is happening. With these players and the coverage this variant's popularity should make a significant jump. I'm hoping there will be more prestigious Fischer random tournaments and matches and it'll be played a lot more in clubs. This shall be the future of chess and to me it's simply superior to the "normal" chess.

  9. Screenplay minutes:

    In the 15th minute, Daniel apologizes for analyzing chess in depth.

    The entire subscriber base of PowerPlayChess forms a circle around Daniel (as in the climax of "Return of the King"), and says in unison, with feeling, "Daniel, you apologize to no one!"

  10. Am I the only person that noticed the totally weird picture hanging behind the players during this match? Great analysis as always Mr. King, of course. I love Fischer Random. I once played it non stop for six months and entertained ideas of never going back to regular chess.

  11. Bobby Fisher was a genius and a lunatic, and this shows with this kind of chess.

  12. Very good to cover such a tournament!!I have never had an idea such a chess game is available let alone having a tournament!!

  13. I love the Fischer Random idea. Hope to see more reviews like this. 🙂

  14. I good way to remember castling in FischerRandom Chess is "GrapeFruit" and "Chocolate Donuts". If you are castling on the "h" side, then you move your king to grape (g), and then your rook to fruit (f). If you are castling on the "a" side, then you move your king to chocolate (c), and then move your rook to donuts (d).

  15. Very nice video! Thanks for commenting! very interesting.

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