Trying my New Opening Weapon in a Special Rapid Chess Game

In this video, I play a highly instructive rapid chess game against FM Lefong Hua () for his 20,000th game on About 3 years ago, I played my 20,000th game against Lefong which can be seen here:

The game featured a fascinating battle emerging from an Alapin Sicilian — an opening that I have been learning recently as a new weapon from the white side. After the game, we hopped on call to analyze lots of the instructive lines.

0:00 20,000th Game
31:00 Analysis with Lefong


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  1. a perfect draw ending the game in 64 moves!

  2. It is always so cool listening to two high level players do duo post game analysis.

  3. Did not run analysis but Kf2 at the endgame seems really bad, isn't that the last moment to activate the rook to not just lose both a and b pawns? Like, check with Rd1 and black king either have to go to c4 or back, if king retreats then just repeat, if king goes to c4 then white rook gets to d7 and gets a7 pawn. Or if black blocks check with rook, then just Rf1 once again threatening invasion from f7. Not sure if it's holdable long term, but Kf2 makes it very hard to hold at least.

  4. Having played the c3 Sicilian for many years, I was surprised when you wanted to avoid an IQP. That cuts out a lot of variations

  5. I really really really enjoyed this one, Eric. Thank you.

  6. I loved this style of video. So cool to see your thought process during the game and then hop into a call to see your opponents thought process too and the overall discussion is so interesting!!

  7. 50:34 I found an amazing tactic that ALMOST works, after h3 Rh7. Black can play Rh5, defending the h6 pawn, and if gxh5 then h2 and promotion would be unstoppable, EXCEPT white has Rd7+ followed by Rd1. But if the black king were sheltered, or simply on the 3rd rank, then I think it would work!

  8. i have played a little over 6969 games on lichess. was so disappointed when I missed the moment to screenshot..

  9. Who do you think will win World Cup
    Prag or magnus

  10. hi eric i love you and hope you will continue to post very good and entertaining content

  11. Yay for long-form instructional content!

  12. Always love to watch your videos. I hail from Kashmir, India. I want to gift you some kashmiri tea.

  13. I always struggle with pawn-bishop coordination, especially in the endgame. Like, I've been told both that I want my pawns on the opposite colour to compliment the bishop AND that I want them on the same colour so I can defend my weaknesses.

  14. Eric we love you and missed you!

    For content ideas: Could you reach out to Remote Chess Academy (GM Igor Smirnov) and see if he’d collab? Maybe review one of your OTB games from a tournament with advice?

    He’s an incredible teacher and his aggressive style would pair well with your play and both of you are charismatic as hell and could help each other grow both your channels.

    Cant wait for the next OTB game recap, i love those, cheers!

    Edit: another idea would be to recap your games that got you your title =]

  15. Good game, and I love the analysis collaboration at the end!

  16. really instructive rapid game! I like it a lot!

  17. [Edit]
    There's something I'm not understanding here, but they didn't look at it when they analyzed the game. If you go to Eric's games on Lichess and bring this one up to look at the analysis, the engine says that the game is a draw after
    45 …, Kd4. It says that Kd4 is a blunder, and black needed to play Kd5 to play for a win. If you follow the line from Kd5, though, I don't see a position that couldn't also be reached by playing Kd4 on move 45. So…why is Kd4 the move that changes this from a black win to a draw?

    I thought it might be because the king needs access to c6 to defend the pawn, which happens on move 50 if you follow the line after 45. …, Kd5. It's 50. Rxa7, Kc6, which is -5.9, but 50. Rxa7, Kc5 is also -5.9, so I'm not seeing why Kd4 on move 45 is the move that turns this from a win to a draw.

    The engine says the best move for white after 45. …, Kd4 is 46. Rc6, which does lead to a draw, but Eric didn't play Rc6, he played Rc7, and the engine still says the position is drawn.
    If it's winning after
    45. …, Kd5
    46. Rc7
    Then why is it drawn after
    45. …, Kd4
    46. Rc7?
    [End of edit]

    Eric is once again putting on a master class in how to calculate. This is genuinely golden content for lower levels.

    I've pointed out in the past that watching Johnathan Schrantz's YouTube videos is super beneficial to lower rated players because he analyzes every game, win or lose, as soon as it's over, and that's one of the best habits you can form to increase your rating. Watching Eric Rosen's videos is just as hellful, because it's a continual display of how to calculate, and how to improve your move selection.

    These videos genuinely could not be more beneficial, if you're paying attention and trying to build useful habits.

    Thanks for being you, Eric. Your content is both entertaining and educational, and I appreciate it more than you know. ❤

  18. At 08:36 – without doing a computer evaluation, I'm wondering why you wouldn't exchange queens, preventing black from castling, then capturing knight on D4?

  19. This sort of analysis at the end feels like the core of chess (improvement). Loved to watch it and try to keep up with it. I was surprised Eric didn't consider Rd7+ after the Rb1 move Lefong could have played

  20. 29:31 g5 Kc4 with a completely unique simetrical position lol
    Nice game!

  21. This was really good. I hope you do more of this. Patient analysis, stuff there for people of all levels. The rook and pawn endgame analysis was difficult—the only place where I got a little lost. “Study more rook and pawn endgames” is kind of a boring takeaway, but I think it has to be my main takeaway from the game. 🙂

  22. I love the mutual respect shown and the way you teased apart the game in analysis. This was very instructive and enjoyable to watch. All the best.

  23. Eric for sure my fav chess youtuber. Dig your vibe my bro.

  24. Absolutely love love love this format, would definitely watch more videos of a single rapid game + analysis with your opponent!

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