Tricky Brilliant Move

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Take the Queen with Brilliant Move


  1. He could have just taken the first pawn, pinned the queen to the king and he would've lost just the bishop for the queen, instead of also losing the knight

  2. Love to see how the old man take his time to make his moves. As once said Lasker: “when you see a good move, don’t play it, try to find a better one”

  3. I think somebody doesn’t know how t play chess. Well you have to start somewhere.

  4. Black position is like solid 100 elo

  5. khai cờ kiểu đó chết là đúng

  6. Два вопроса . Почему дед так долго думал прежде чем взять на f7 ? И почему соперник не сдался сразу?

  7. Кто сказал что деды ничего не могут? Первую ракету в космос отправили они это их внуки и правнуки уже ничего не могут имея все

  8. It is like the older you get the sharper your chess skills become

  9. A good example of someone who just learned chess last month vs a dude who has been playing it for a while.

  10. None of these moves are tricky or brilliant. Looking at the position tells me that white followed good general
    chess principles and black did not. White developed his knights to most effective squares c3 and f3. He castled before move 10. Whites position is far superior, in fact its easily winning. Black has glaring problems like isolated pawns and hasnt developed any pieces. Having the opportunity to do so, he chooses instead b5 as a spite attack on the bishop.

  11. Я в первом классе играл так 😅. Тоже мне супер ход

  12. Bro real life got an update!?!
    (I mean the game review)

  13. Why is he playing 15M with someone rated 500 when he’s 1500

  14. Black plays for the very first time in his life chess. Wowzerz.

  15. I'm in the way of mastering this attracted King killing Queen techniques.

  16. White has developed both knights, a bishop, and castled, meanwhile Black has move two pawns and his queen? These two are in different leagues to one another.

  17. why didnt the man take the pawn with bishop and pin queen to king

  18. Люблю смотреть как люди в шахматы играют!

  19. I strongly suggest y’all link into who Peter Attia actually is and you wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    sidenote: his cousin taught me to work on and with marble

  20. Th old school of chess. ♔ ♕ ♗ ♘ ♙ ♖

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