Torch rapid international chess Olympiad tournament 2022 in Delhi #chessgame #shortsvideo #ytshorts


  1. That's illegal, you HAVE to press the clock, no matter what. The man with white pieces didn't press the clock therefore he has a penalty. Black should've gotten extra time.Whatsoever, I wish these players a good luck.❤

  2. 👌👌👌💥🔥🔥

  3. Aaj 2 bja Lucknow mai bhi hai kaisa join kra .. vhi or hoga yh koi online form hai plz jeldi btao. Bhai

  4. Ager jale hoge entry toh krva lunga. Online bhi bs bta dena online link kha se milagi.?

  5. Boring over attitude and song is not suting

  6. bro took 5 millenials for qe4 check……..thats the most basic thing yet he decides to premove in his mind

  7. Bro forgot to beat clock💀

  8. Small boy currently lossing tha game 😂😂

  9. but olympiad 2022 was on tamil nadu,chennai

  10. कौन जीता?

  11. He forgot to press the clock but that boy didn’t wait..

  12. Bhai ye chess tournament kaha hota he Delhi me

  13. Bro fr thought he was Hikaru 💀

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