Top 6 Chess Traps

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List of the Top 6 Chess Traps from the video:
#6 Legal Trap 0:43
#5 Blackburne Shilling Gambit Trap 1:51
#4 Elephant Trap 4:09
#3 Lasker Trap 5:29
#2 Englund Gambit Trap 7:44
#1 Fishing Pole Trap 9:43


  1. So fishing pole trap is the only "top" trap against the castled king?

  2. Theromianwolf being toxic to everyone lol but he still speaks facts

  3. Meh, traps are for amateurs. Real chess players focus on strategic brilliance and outwitting opponents instead of relying on cheap tricks. Keep honing your skills, folks!

  4. 6:58 "Nah taking knight with rook is boring, I just gonna move my king and hung a queen" white said

  5. Dost aap mera fan हो kyon कि मैं भी ब्लैक से खेलना पसंद करता हूँ भाई आप सिर्फ ब्लैक के लिए Video बनाते रहिए 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  6. Just FYI in Legal trap two important points. Black bishop needs to be on f3 and white needs to play h3 to have a successful trap. Really, recommend you analyze why these preconditions need to happen. 🙏🏽

  7. 4:10 that's also the Cambridge Springs Trap, right? I notice it's very similar.

  8. Lasker trap question: why not Rxg1 following pawn promotion to knight on g1

  9. I'm confused in the legal trap after the white knight takes the pawn why doesnt black take with his knight,he is now threatening the white queen,and the white bishop,and has material advantage.

  10. Blackburne Shilling Gambit:: When black queen moves to H4, then White can avoid the trap by moving his Knight to e4 and protecting to get defeated on f2; Now if black queen will take the white Knight then White can take the black Knight as white bishop is supported by their queen.

  11. I forgot all the traps once I started the game

  12. Which idiots will not taken the springer with the roof?? Nobody! Idiots tip (lasker trap)

  13. Lasker trap is faulty ..rook can kill your reborn knight

  14. At 6:47, why white King will not take black pawn as there is no protection?

  15. My ex wife got me with the legal trap. But back then it was making me sign a wedding contract without a prenup. I like this legal trap more.

  16. NUMBER # 6 : truly the best since I am a Ray Lopez kind of player with white and THIS HAS happened to me!!!
    Question: recommendations on how to avoid this anyone out there???

  17. In the first trap why do we need to move pawn threatening the bishop ? Just go to the mate and let they take the queen

  18. Kevin my man 😎. I've been looking for this channel to recommend to a friend. Last I watched your videos was when I was beginning chess about 12 years ago 😅. Your videos helped me quite a lot. Was 1600 then I'm 2400+ now (lichess rating).

  19. The Albin counter gambit is all I ever play with black against the queen's gambit

  20. In this video at time 6:09 minute, why rook cant take Knight. You said king has to move away from queen but rook can take black Knight

  21. All these work great when you're playing yourself never work in a real game

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