TITLE DECIDER: Can Magnus Be Defeated? Who’ll Be Women’s Champ? | FIDE World Rapid Championship 2023

World number-one Magnus Carlsen is back to defend both his rapid and blitz world championships from 2022! Competing against the 15-time world champ is Fabiano Caruana, Ian Nepomniachtchi, and more of the world’s top players. Who will become the next world champions in chess, and claim their share of the total $1 million prize fund across the Open and Women’s events?


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  1. Women's Rapid Champion decided by a 3+2 Blitz play ?? Shouldn't it be a 15+20 Rapid game to decide the winner

  2. 6:12:40 Final standings (women section)
    6:15:25 Final standings (open section)
    Congratulations to Humpy🧡Vidit🧡Prag🧡Arjun🧡We Indians are proud of you all😊🇮🇳

  3. Having just finished watching the Champions Chess Tour Finals 2023 I'm taken aback by how much better the coverage for that was. Like 100x better. Anyone know what that is?

  4. Danya and Hess should be announcing, this french guy is hard to listen too :p

  5. Indians are crying in comments 😂😂😂😂

  6. The descriptions of these videos should include where and when the event happened

  7. Magnus wins champions chess tour and world rapid championship and loses 5 rating points

  8. Come on. Not showing the final round of men at all because of the women’s tiebreaks…

  9. Very bad commentary… to add, Mr. Leko voice was putting me to the sleep for the past three days… …

  10. But then both the 2016 and 2018 World Championships were won by Carlsen, over Karjakin and Caruana respectively, in overtime Rapid play games?!

  11. Preferiría ver el tablero en la ventana principal y ventanas pequeñas para el tablero real y los comentaristas, sería más fácil seguirlo

  12. Great commentary! Peter Leko and Robert Hess make a good team! Alway a pleasure to hear their insights!

  13. big congratulations to Anastasia . unfortunately the commentators were biased and took side of indian player , I am so happy Anastasian won the title

  14. Why was humpy so salty lmao didnt even shake hands at the end 😂

  15. Thank you for having Peter Leko always great to hear the GOAT of commentary, and thank you to Robert Hess to learn all of the players' name correct pronuntiation.

  16. So many promising Indian players, looking for their future especially after Magnus retired.

  17. 4:17:21 Vidit realizing his chance to win the tournament is now gone😢, so devastating for him.

  18. A lot of players have a chance to win the tournament, but like Agadmator said eventually they have to face Magnus

  19. Hess and Leko are just as good as Danya and Leko!!! Chess has great commentators!

  20. Of course Magnus can be beaten! Duh! Here, let me fire up Stockfish and I'll show you.

  21. On what rule it was decided that Anastasia Bodnaruk and Humpy Koneru would play the final? Lei Tingjie had the same score.

  22. This was a dream commentary team. Love the 1-2 combination of Leko's deep lines and Hess' simple explanations for us weaker players. Best duo I have witnessed.

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