This One Secret Got Me To 2000 Chess Rating In Just 2 Years…

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  1. Will be back in a week. Rn I’m on 891 ELO. Also helpful vid!

    Update: 1105 ELO (5/7/2023)

  2. I'm genuinely curious on why people want to become really good at chess. I get people throughout time would play it and it's a hard game. But why grind at something for years without your real life being improved by it. Yes there might be that one in a thousand that became wealthy cause of the chess knowledge he learned but yet he could have still learned else where i.e a book or something plus that person probably got in that position through learning and trial and error.

    More Tate videos pls

  4. Can you make a video about how to reach best position with e4 e5…(some principal chess like taking the centr..(

  5. Make this a series please 🙏

    Btw did you really go from 800 to 2000 in 2 years as the thumbnail suggests?

  6. Video tittle is OP
    This gonna be your best video amigo <3

  7. Nice even though i got from 300-1700 in just 4 months

  8. Weren't you like 1800, you played against viewers on streams

  9. Otto ur bid made me climb legit from 700 to 1900 in 8 months the only problom with me is i can only do good in 30 mins game im a slow thinker. But thatnks for another tip vid u G

  10. i started playing chess january this year and im currently rated 1580 and i cant agree more that improving my midgame was a big if not the biggest factor of becoming better

  11. bro upload videos more frequently and also upload videos about gambits and openings in general , what do you think abou the king's gambit btw

  12. what if when you pin his horse with dark aquared bishop he decides to do pawn to a3 and after pawn to b4, how should you answer that?

  13. Thanks for the tips. Great video and nice fluently speaking👍

  14. as one who went from 1500 to 1700 in about a week I can confirm middlegame is really important I can really recommend GM igor smirnovs free masterclass

  15. @6.59th min what if black played bishop (on a5) captures knight on c3 thts a check and a discovered attack on " THE QUEEEEN"!
    And needless to say ,since there aint no way of blocking the check and saving the queen. Congratulations blacks gettin the dub!

  16. Your vids are amazing!! Are you planning on living as a professional chess player or chess content creator in the future?? Or you have another passion?

  17. That was a really nice game and really instructive

  18. I'm gonna be honest, I started playing chess 9 months ago (less than 400 elo), I'm currently rated about 1950 and opponents still blunder really simple tactics (2-3 move sequences) at around the intermediate level (1200-1800). So I attribute my knowledge to just getting better at Puzzles. Try getting above a 2500 puzzle rating and see how your elo sky rockets.

  19. What to do when the opponent does a3 and a4 after you pinned it

  20. If it were anyone else I would think it was clickbait but I saw your name and said I had to check it out

  21. hi! Great lesson. Is it my imagination or studying strategy (positional) is the same as studying the middle game? At least in the way you’re using the words. Since you could study a middle game that was filled with tactics too

  22. Good video but I think you can learn ALL of these principles mentioned by studying endgames

  23. That was a lovely game I play this opening but never seen this game.

  24. You really lifted a vale from a huge part of what makes chess so intimidating to understand.

  25. When you move Qb3, white can attack your bishop by b-pawn,
    Am I wrong?

  26. I went from a solid 1200 to 800.. by watching all these videos…so happy

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