The World Rapid and Blitz 2023 contest of Rs.10000!

The World Rapid 2023 happens in Samarkand, Uzbekistan from 26-28th December. The time control is 15+10 and it will have 15 rounds. The World Blitz happens on the 29th and 30th of December and has 21 rounds of 3+2.

Guess who will win the:
1. World Rapid 2023 title
2. World Blitz 2023 title
3. World Rapid Women 2023 title
4. World Blitz Women 2023 title

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  1. Rapid men prag
    Rapid women vaishali
    Blitz men magnus
    Blitz women bibisara

  2. world rapid open=magnus
    world blitz open=vidit
    World rapid women=wenjun
    World blitz women=bibisara

  3. Rapid open : Magnus
    Blitz open :MVL
    Rapid Woman :ju wenjun
    Blitz :Bibisara

  4. OPEN
    world rapid = vidit gujrathi
    world blitz = magnus

    world rapid = vaishali
    world blitz = lei tingie

  5. World rapid open = Magnus

    World rapid women= Wenjun

    World blitz open= Magnus

    World blitz women= Tan Zhongyi

  6. World rapid open:caruana
    World blitz:vidit
    World rapid women:goryachkina
    World blitz:Ju wenjun

  7. World rapid champion- magnus carlsen
    World blitz champion- Anish giri
    World rapid champion (women) – lei tinje
    World blitz champion women – tan zhongyi

  8. World rapid open – Magnus Carlsen
    World rapid women – Ju wenjun
    World blitz open – Arjun
    World blitz women – Vaishali

  9. World Rapid open : magnus
    World rapid women: ju wenjun
    World blitz open -magnus
    World Blitz women – bibisara





  11. Vidit gujrati will win both Rapid and blitz world championship this year

  12. World Rapid- Duda
    World Blitz- Carlsen
    Women's Rapid- Wenjun
    Women's Blitz- Kateryna

  13. World rapid open – Magnus
    World rapid women – wenjun
    World blitz open – magnus
    world blitz women – bibisara

  14. world rapid open = carlsen
    blitz open magnus

  15. Is this channel going to cover the event?

  16. World rapid open- Pragg
    World rapid women – Ju Wenjun
    World blitz open – Magnus
    World blitz women- Anna Muzichuk

  17. If gukesh plays , he will confirm his candidates seat if he finishes ??

  18. To the people who have predicted Alireza Firouzja, he has pulled out of the World Rapid and Blitz today.

  19. SAGAR Welcome to our country Uzbekistan 🇺🇿.We are delighted to see you,in our country

  20. hmmm, im gonna go with magnus, ju wenjun, arjun, and bibisara
    also maybe vaishali is possible too

  21. World Rapid open : Magnus
    World Rapid Women: Vaishali
    World Blitz Open: Magnus
    World Blitz Women: Divya

  22. Sad to see vishy is not playing anymore

  23. World rapid open- praggnandhaa
    World blitz open -Magnus
    World rapid women – wengj ju
    World blitz wmen – vaishali

  24. World rapid open – Magnus
    World rapid women – Tan Zhongyi
    World blitz open – Abdusattorov
    World blitz women – Bibisara Assaubayeva

  25. World rapid open – Nepo
    World rapid women – Ju Wenjun
    World blitz open – Magnus
    World blitz women – koneru humpy

  26. World rapid open – MVL
    World rapid women – Ju wenjun
    World blitz open – Magnus
    World blitz women – Lagno, Kateryna

  27. Hi sagar , i am a student in samarkand , if u want any help let me know

  28. World Rapid: Esipenko
    World blitz : Magnus
    Woman rapid: Vaishali
    Women Blitz: Kateryna Lagno

  29. World Rapid:Anish Giri World Blitz:Magnus
    World Rapid women:wenjun World blitz women-lei tingie

  30. World rapid nepo,blitz magnus in women rapid ju wenjun and blitz women vaishali

  31. World rapid men open= magnus carlsen
    World rapid women= ju wenjun
    Wold blitz women= vaishali rameshbabu
    World blitz men open= arjun erigaisi

  32. World rapid : Fabiano Caruana
    Womens world rapid : Lei Tingjie
    World blitz : Magnus (lol)
    Womens world blitz: Bibisara

  33. It's too tough to predict the winners.
    But as samay would say, the real winner will be Chessbase India!
    I wish you a great coverage of WR&B.
    It's been the most successful coverage of CBI every year, hoping the same even at larger scale this time around ❤!

  34. where is hikaru ???? hikaru is extremely good in blitz

  35. Link not working. Picks below:

    World rapid open = Fabi

    World rapid women=Irina Krush

    World blitz open=Magnus

    World blitz women= Lei Tingie

  36. World rapid open Magnus
    World rapid women Divya Deshmukh
    World blitz open Magnus
    World blitz women bibisara

  37. Men's Rapid – Magnus Carlsen
    Men's Blitz- Magnus Carlsen
    Women's Rapid – Aleksandra Gotryachkina
    Women's Blitz – Tan Zhongyi

  38. Rapid – Magnus , Vaishali
    Blitz – Arjun , Vaishali

  39. Rapid Open Magus
    Rapid Women Wenjun
    Blitz Open Magnus
    Rapid Women Wenjun

  40. World rapid open – Magnus
    World rapid women – goryakchkina
    World blitz men – Grischuk
    World blitz women -Bibisara

  41. World Rapid Open = Magnus Carlsen
    World Rapid Women = Koneru Humpy
    World Blitz Open = Magnus Carlsen
    World Blitz Women = Divya Deshmukh

  42. World Rapid Open – Praggnanandhaa

    World Blitz Open – Magnus

    World Rapid Women – Ju Wenjun

    World Blitz Women – Bibisara

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