The Twitch Chat Chooses My Opening | Instructive Rapid Chess

In this video, I play a handful of games in the Hourly Rapid Arena, while the Twitch Chat tells me what opening to play.
Openings Include:
0:28 Scandinavian Defense: Icelandic Variation
9:34 Stonewall Dutch
28:12 English Opening
37:45 Reti Opening
59:45 The Walrus (tilted, but serious)

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  1. Would love to actually see a breakdown of the "two knights attack"

  2. Upload some instructive English please!

  3. Eric Rosen really doesn't like saying "a"

  4. Hi Eric, since you asked so nicely, I'd like to see the Hillbilly Attack. No idea if it's any good or not, but I see it often online.

  5. can you do a video on the stonewall dutch

  6. would love an in depth vid on countering the petrov defense

  7. "Two Knights Attack… Actually, that was One Knight Attack"

  8. Hi Eric, I would love to see the two knights defense line where black plays (5…Nd4):
    1.e4 e5
    2.Nf3 Nc6
    3.Bc4 Nf6
    4.Ng5 d5
    5.exd5 Nd4

  9. If you could at some point teach the Ruy Lopez and explain the reasonings behind the small moves like Qe7 before kicking whites bishop again with b5 that would be awesome thanks

  10. Id love to see a Danish Gambit, especially if you can sac the rook on a1

  11. I would like to see Modern Defense sniper lines or transposition from hyper accelerated dragon

  12. Hello Eric, thx for your videos. I follow your advise of the end of the vid and ask for "White against Sicilian".

  13. I would love to see caro kann and Sicilian

  14. “What opening would you like me to teach?” … could you please go over the Cambridge Springs defense from the black side? Specifically lines that follow after 7. cxd5? Thank you.

  15. Please can u make a video on only london opening I would to see that hope u will upload

  16. I enjoy your relaxed and instructive commentary, thank you

  17. "I could have gotten a free rook, but I want a free king. A free king is nicer"

  18. There's interesting idea learn some English and put an in there!

  19. I really appreciate the rapid educational streams. They are my personal favorites

  20. opponent: berserks
    Eric: so you've chosen death?

  21. London 😀 I know you've talked a lot about London system and I've watched almost all of them, but since I am new to chess and I am learning from you I would be glad to hear and learn more about London system from you.

  22. I would LOVE to see you teach Caro-Kahn Eric, if you're looking for openings to teach/play

  23. Chat: You could have gotten free rook.
    Eric: But I wanted free king 😎

  24. Im so quick to say 1700 level moves are from computer assistance. Yet Eric just says Malada played well.

  25. Tell us more about the classification of openings.. why some are about geography and others about animals ^_^ Love your content :3

  26. I'm a bit late but more luchini gambitsss

  27. American openings….
    American Gambit in the Dutch
    Brooklyn Defense
    Cambridge Springs
    Chicago Gambit
    Colorado Defense
    Massachusetts Defense of Caro-Kann

  28. my favourite opening as white is probably the London and as black the nimzo indian 😅

  29. Eric reading out usernames before realizing what they mean will be the death of me

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