The Tiger Is Full | Anand is 2017 World Rapid Champion! And This Game is a Bloodbath

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The “King Salman World Blitz & Rapid Championships 2017” in Riyadh from Decemer 26th to 30th. The first five rounds of the rapid tournament take place on December 26th. A record $2 million prize fund has attracted most of the world’s best players.

Vladimir Fedoseev vs Viswanathan Anand
World Rapid Championship (2017), Riyadh KSA, rd 17, Dec-28
King’s Indian Attack (A07)

1. Nf3 d5 2. g3 Nf6 3. Bg2 c5 4. O-O Nc6 5. c4 d4 6. e3 e5 7. ed4 ed4 8. d3 Be7 9. Bf4 O-O 10. Re1 Nh5 11. Bc1 Nf6 12. Na3 a6 13. Ne5 Ne5 14. Re5 Bd6 15. Re1 Rb8 16. Nc2 h6 17. b4 b6 18. bc5 bc5 19. Ba3 Qa5 20. Qc1 Rd8 21. Nd4 cd4 22. Bd6 Rd6 23. Qf4 Qc7 24. c5 Rd7 25. c6 Qf4 26. cd7 Qc7 27. Re8 Kh7 28. d8Q Ne8 29. Qe8 Bf5 30. Qa4 Qc3 31. Rd1 Bd3 32. h4 Rb1 33. Rb1 Bb1 34. Qe8 Bg6 35. Bd5 d3 36. Bf7 Bf7 37. Qf7 Qe1 38. Kg2 d2

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  1. "U can't continue to harassing the queen" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. That quote by Robert HΓΌbner maybe tru, so chess is like Quantum mechanics…

  3. I put the last position on Stockfish. The result was 0.00.

  4. Stockfish evaluates the final position as a draw. It cant figure out a way out of the perpetual check.

  5. Hey agadmator ! Can u send me the playlist link for 2017 rapid championship .. Couldn't find it and i want to see the entire tournament .. thank you πŸ™‚

  6. I think Anand is all time greatest rapid chess player !! what you guys think?

  7. How can perpetual check be avoided here?

  8. who is top rated player now ? and there rating

  9. It might be that being a rapid game, I figure maybe Fedoseev was lower on time and it didn't matter if he had 20-30 moves of perpetual check, he'd lose on time.

  10. I can't see how the king can escape the perpetual check! He could have a nice stroll around the board and pick up the loose pawn but I can't see how it would stopped being checked. Can he hide between his two pawns mixed with whites, I don't think so. I think he just gave up because he should have been offered a draw.

  11. whats anand's lichess account does anyone know by any chance?

  12. Sorry, but what are you talking at 3:30? "If the rook on d6 moves the rook on b8 would be hanging…"? What? Rook to b6 and nothing is hanging, he will lose the pawn on d4, but not the rook on b8…

  13. Please do a video with nihal sarin. Another Youngest grandmaster from india other than pragguu

  14. Did Anand eat: kavijar or brokulies, for all his life???

  15. You had to have any other photo of Vladimir that you could actually use better

  16. 5:47
    Agadmator Sounding like…"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm furrrr"

  17. Yesterday i played against position was exactly the same as that of Anand..repetitive checks and the game ended in draw

  18. The hate for cricket in this comment section is unbelievable. Every game is beautiful ❀️

  19. Why did he let him queen?? He could've easily prevented it

  20. The way he says "Fedoseev here"….

  21. Fortunately !!??
    Dude chess is not played on fortunes …he prepared knight capture

  22. BTW, The chess as we call it now was invented (not discovered) in India.

    It was called Chaturanga, check out guys.

  23. 6:08 what happens if bishop to C2 forking the rook and the queen

  24. 6:03 here white bishop to e4 could have been a interesting move. It would have forced anand to capture bishop with bishop and Vladimir could simply grab a pawn with queen with a threat to black queen and more. Orr anand could have simply moved his king back but again Vladimir will be winning the material. Further Anand's A6 pawn would be in danger. However they both know better πŸ˜„

  25. Isn't getting old a complement in chess?

  26. One should give equal restect to ANAND like they give to Sachin n Kohli….VISHY is a real GEMπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  27. King's Indian Attack against the Indian King? OwO

  28. The exciting exclusive paul commonly stare because step proportionately scatter aboard a unsightly list. languid, previous wash

  29. Body Ages Not Mind Bro, He Is Still Champion ❀️

  30. Hey bro you should have flipped the board since this was Anands game that you were analysing

  31. Anand just massacred his opponents in this tournament πŸ’›

  32. Actually in this game Anand caught cheating 🀫

  33. King of chess… Viswanadhan Anand πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  34. Very Strong player
    . The Last World champion before Magnus

  35. Vichy still looking young. Still playing razor-sharp chess. Go AnandπŸ‘

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