The SECRET to Gain Chess Elo

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  1. I’m still here, Levy and was pausing along and trying to pick the best moves. You are never background noise in my house when I’m in front of my chess board and iPad! Thank you so much. Can’t wait for your new book in October.

  2. This is the no.1 video for me… I've been stuck on 600 and I didn't know what to do. Thanks Gotham

  3. I clicked on this video BC I was offended by the hand 😂😂😂

  4. I thought the thumbnail is levy middle finger

  5. Bro why were you flipping us off in the thumbnail bruh…💀💀💀

  6. New word learnt:
    Vexillology. (Btw Gotham it's not Vexology)
    = Study of flags

  7. This is definitely a concept easily forgotten to take into account. Everyone likes to say, “I always look at every piece on the board,” and while that’s true, it isn’t the same thing as asking this question. Very insightful. Thank you. 🤘🏻

  8. Thanks levy for this video I feel I am more stronger now

  9. How can we practise thinking what our opponent think? Is there specific puzzle or something else?

  10. Im with 2700 and gm has 2600 why ?,,,,you see the game

  11. Why's no one talking about how the thumbnail gives you a middle finger

  12. Wait, did Ludwig teach Levy his ventriloquism trick?

  13. look like he flippin the bird in the thumbnail

  14. Why r u flipping me off levy im unsucbscribing now and crying and screaming and vomitting

  15. Thanks fam, I got to 1300 elo…

    (on roblox chess)

  16. My rating is 750 rn i will edit this comment and tell my rating

  17. Broooo thats what we want from you amazing video

  18. I thought you were showing middel finger in the thumbnail

  19. So no one gonna talk about the Thumbnail:^)?

  20. is noone goona talk about how the thumbnail looks like levys flipping everybody off

  21. I loved this video, very interactive please make more

  22. Loved this video! I think it's really important to see the game through the opponent's eye. And its a massive fundamental skill to anticipate the opponents plan. Please keep making these type of videos Gotham! xD

  23. Make more of these videos. It was very informative

  24. Very good video ,def more like this please

  25. At First I thought Gotham was showing off his middle finger at me but then I realised that it's his first finger, oops

  26. I actually thought Gotham pointed his middle finger in the thumbnail 😅

  27. It seems like puzzles reinforce our natural flaw to not ask what the opponent wants. Even at the 2200 level, puzzles mostly involve tactical attacking sequences. Defensive puzzles would be a great addition.

  28. Just watched this video. This is GOLD! Can't agree with you more, seriously. I'm horrible at getting into my opponent's head and that's been the main reason why I lost most of my games. I need to work on that sooo much. Not sure if I will be able to do that some day but you're absolutely right. Thanks so much for your content. Really enjoy it. PS: I love your accent. You speak soooo clearly.😁

  29. Ha ! Very modest of you to say/assume I “laugh” at your jokes gothem . 😂

  30. The secret way to gains ELO is finding the idea of your opponent

  31. I don't know why it's so obvious to thing about what there short and long term goals are with each move but I've never thought of this. I just would think of it like a puzzle which move wins material never considering to opt for defensive play. No wonder I'm stuck in the same area. This is just wild to me I feel kind of dumb. Top 500 in clash Royale and top 0.1 percent in rocket League but a failure at chess. Chess is so complicated😊

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