The most weird chess incident that you will ever come across

You may have seen many chess cases and controversies, but we assure you this one is highly unique and something you would have never come across in your life. It happened at the World Rapid Championships 2022.

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  1. Where did this arbiter come? And they laugh at the end as if it were a joke.

  2. But how can you end up with 1 second on the clock? It's 3+2 blitz 🤔

  3. Was there increment? Why the kid keep trying so hard to capture when it’s apparent he can’t do it?

  4. This kid was just being a brat honestly, he clearly made an illegal move but still wanted to fight his way (even though he was 100% going to lose on time, and was already in a losing position).

    He even tried to sneakily cheat and place his king on the wrong square 2:08 when rearranging the pieces to avoid the incoming check.

    Just fk off

  5. Ok so if the player has to hit the clock with the hand he picked the piece up with, ok fine..
    ..then what if the player is left-handed where would they sit the clock bc its a disadvantage to the player that uses the opposite hand.

  6. I don't care who was right, the older kid behaved like a bully

  7. I feel sorry for everyone involved, especially for everyone who had to watch this.

  8. If you dont understand chess (i dont), it looks like a dude is being a crybaby, but thanks for telling me he is right actually. Dont judge a book…


  10. kovelev desreved that giri swindle

  11. I mean black essentially already lost, had one second left. what was all the fuss

  12. From my understanding the older player has over 2 more mins vs 1 sec. Wtf is e crying for? The kid would lose anyways. Regardless if the kid uses one or two hands.

  13. Another example of when you mad you are wrong even tho you are right. I don’t like living in this system.

  14. 😂😂😂 dude is frustrated he cannot win against a kid. Dude just give up chess. The game is not for you if you cannot win against a kid and you have to create so much drama just to win. LMAO. Just give up dude. Go play monopoly or something

  15. Thats why back in the days these things wouldnt happen because they're gentlemans. Now a grown up is crying over a small detail. Its a chess game against a child don't cry and be a gentleman

  16. Would you complain about your 13-yo opponent accidentally leaving a piece on the wrong square, if you were winning anyway, with huge advantage both on board and on the clock?

  17. Once a friend of mine was at an advantageous position, and inadvertently he used the other hand to press the watch, the opponent in protest threw all the pieces away.

  18. I hate 1 or 2 or any other timd increment. This is silly and loses the point of time control. Wtf is that? You have opponents nervous system so stressed out that tgey barely can lift a piece, put it in another place and hit the clock with that hand. In the last seconds it all gets incredibly idiotic.

  19. The Kid tried to cheat at least two, more likely three times in a row here.

    Sorry but ppl saying the Kid is in the right obviously dont know much aboht chess.
    Sure he is a Kid so perma cheating and breaking the rules is not the end of the world but just let that be clear.

    And then the Kid even pretended like he was in the right. I would be extremely annoyed as well.

  20. After reviewing this several times, I think the kid was cheating on purpose. Taking the white rook off the board and leaving his rook on e8, where it was safe from capture, instead of correctly putting it on d8, was an attempt to swindle the other player.

  21. Adhibaan lapping up the drama churned out by the Russians !

  22. I can understand that you used 2 hands because you needed to neaten up the pieces or something and you instinctually did it by accident, that you can get a warning for. But to use 2 hands because you are running out of time? That is an exploit.

  23. If I do this to my little brother, I would get a slap from my mom. Chess is the only game when old guy can be savage to young boy

  24. Kid tries to cheat and in the end when loses doesn't shake hands.

  25. Are they not allowed to talk? What’s with the guy shhhhhshing

  26. somebody teach the kid to accept defeat 1 second vs 2+ minutes is resignable in this situation. The big guy should have also avoid unnecessary stress as he is winning no matter what. No brainer.

  27. That an international arbiter makes the statement over and over again that it is not illegal to make a move with two hands is absurd. Read the FIDE-rulebook would you, mister arbiter?

  28. shame boy too fast calm down be slow do probably!

  29. 😡 yeah !
    … you’re not allowed to jerk off with two hands 🙌

  30. Are they playing with increment? Otherwise the kid with 1 second was gonna lose regardless

  31. I love how all the chest players of the world ARE grumpy

  32. the average heated chess player yells at 5 decibels

  33. Pure Disrespectful from the opponent

  34. i know the blondie is right okay? i mean game is clearly lost anyway even if he manages to take the rook on time he still have 1-2 seconds against 2 minutes BUT!! i just hated the guy bro if i was the boy knowing who i am i was hundred percent throwing some piece to the table or to the ground man

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