The Magnus Carlsen conqueror in Uzbekistan – Maxime Vachier Lagrave | World Blitz 2023

It’s not often that you see Magnus Carlsen losing. And that was the case in Uzbekistan as well. After 13 rounds of Rapid and 12 rounds of Blitz, Magnus Carlsen was still unbeaten. However, the Frenchman with three names Maxime Vachier-Lagrave ended Carlsen’s dream run as he handed him his first defeat in the 13th round of World Blitz 2023. The game began with an opening inaccuracy by Magnus, and then MVL latched on to it and did not let it go. His conversion was absolutely breathtaking. Check out the game with the raw footage from the venue.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Azért a Magnust megcsípni 3 percesben: az mán' döfi!

  2. In fast time control, MVL might have been Magnus toughest opponent this year.

  3. These games with no comments are an absolute treat, thank you!

  4. After Re3 in the endgame (around 9:00) , why didn’t Magnus take the rook? He instead brought his king to f8 to defend the rook and MVL approached with his king as well. I wonder how white can make progress with the lone Bishop and the 2 extra pawns on the queenside.

  5. Your content is always so diverse and interesting.

  6. The French Man bares his fangs 😮😮

  7. Now mvl try to become a chess champion , Very tactical player
    Sharp mind

  8. That powerful queen-side flank attack totally caught Magnus off guard.

  9. I love how they still just have a friendly chat before the game starts😂😂

  10. I like Maxim a lot, but he needs to exercise a bit and lose the belly.

  11. That Be3 by MVL, gestures shows game is alrready out of magnus hands

  12. The two greatest ever chess players to emerge from Europe.

  13. It is well-known that Maxime is very good at blitz and he has won many tournaments

  14. C'est marrant de voir leur réaction quand ces grands champions perdent : ils grimacent l'air de se dire "j'ai mal joué" mais rarement ils admettent que c'est leur adversaire qui a mieux joué qu'eux ! Ah ! l'ego ….

  15. Only loss in 5 days , 34 games = 19W + 14D ❤ Blitz 12W + 8 D, Rapid 7W+ 6D. Summary of Rapid and blitz 2023

  16. Saw a comment on other video that said "Be so good that your losses are highlights." For realz tho!

  17. Kudos to MVL for saving humanity once again!

  18. I just realized that Magnus and MVL are trolling the arbiter before the game by pretending to pre-plan a draw, after the whole Dubov-Nepo thing. 🤣

    Magnus: "You know there's a stalemate in 13 moves, yeah?"

    MVL: "No, 10 is better."

    Both: laughs

    MVL: “With Qe6 at the end.”

    Magnus: “Ah, yeah yeah yeah, I was thinking about the one with…” (inaudible)

    MVL: (inaudible)… “yeah yeah with Bh4.”

    Magnus: “Yeah, yeah.”

    MVL: (to arbiter) “Yeah, we’ll make your job easier.”

  19. Sagar too obsessed with squeezing money with his new app he forgot to put 2d board on the screen. Channel is going backwards

  20. Can someone explain why Magnus didn't play a6, kicking the knight and saving the pawn at the same time? You could tell he was thinking about that move for a while and then gave up the pawn to castle… Seems like the pawn majority on that side had a huge effect on the endgame though.

  21. He is not at all in the mood that's why he lost otherwise he is the 🐐

  22. I have to stress that you have chosen the wrong name for the video

  23. I think that in this game, Magnus' problem was that he arrived on time.

  24. Magnus resigns right ? Lagrave doesn't actually check mate him does he?

  25. Магнус с Максимом, по- моему, в течение всего турнира общался.

  26. At the end,MVL feels almost sorry for beating Magnus.

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