The Madras Tiger’s masterful endgame play | Vishy Anand vs Niclas Huschenbeth | World Rapid Teams

The 5-time World Champion Vishy Anand is known for his exemplary endgame play. In Round 6 of the FIDE World Rapid Team Championships, Anand faced GM Niclas Huschenbeth with the White pieces. Check out this highly instructive game – you will learn a lot about practical endgame play and putting constant pressure on your opponent!

Video: ChessBase India
Thumbnail photo by Niki Riga

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  1. Anand vai,Niclas vai play with me,l am WCD (Recently World Biggest Chess Player), nice person.This is title game,play

  2. Vishy loves his knights . . He makes it look easy and natural . Huge respect 🙏

  3. Gentlemen you are lose from WCD (A A A amer sathe kelar por,Players ra hare giya kadhe kukiye othe, A A A ami vange dee oder hounkar)

  4. Plz upload vdos with sagar shah's commentary, it helps us to understand very well

  5. Anand sir would have ended the game much before if he was younger.

  6. shocked to see the time difference!!!

  7. Please upload with engine preferred move would help a lot …

  8. Dude the camera angles are being totally nailed off!! GG

  9. I love how Anand waits for a brief 15 20 seconds after the hand shake to show his opponent he wants to discuss the game. He knows this might be the moment of his life for the opponent. Make him feel at ease. Legend.

  10. Madras tiger?????? His name is Anand – is just a very strong chess player wtf :))))))))))))))))))))

  11. Don't put SPOILER IN THE TITLE – makes it much less enjoyable to watch!!!

  12. Vishy gave him the 0 his name desperately needs

  13. I wish organizers give them comfortable chairs.. 😊

  14. The opponent made some blunders like he is a 1400 player .. never felt like he was like 2600😅

  15. Really missing Sagar's commentary in this tournament.

  16. How many times does Vishy do the sitting adjustments?

  17. Vishy is such a respected WC and such a humble soul . I have hardly seen any opponent not wanting to chat after the game with Vishy. Love to see vishy playing chess tournament post 50’s. Majority of tournaments he is ending in + scores . Though he is far away from peak, his performances in rapid time control are still thrilling

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