The Irony of Chess! 1600-1800 10 Min Rapid Chess

In this video i’ll show you 2 wins I had against 2 players rated 100+ points higher than me, and drawing a game (only by time and luck!) against someone rated 50 points lower than me.

By watching this video you’ll see my ideas, why I sometimes give away free pawns, hoping usually for a better position with more piece activity and open files for the rooks!

Hopefully you’ll see, if your rated lower than this, that at the higher end of the intermediate level, we chess players still make plenty of mistakes and blunders!

I try and go for my Scotch game and unfortunately don’t get it, we go into a Petrov Defence and an Owens Defence and you’ll see the Irony in the openings by the result of the games vs the rated players also!

The aim is to try and be as educational as possible as regards Chess but, I am new to this and to be honest, probably not very good compared to your already Chess content creators. Never the less! I’m going to keep trying and get better. If you just take something from these games, even just an idea to take to your own Chess game, then it’s worth while!

Feel free to drop me a challenge on chesscom @ATummyTickle or even drop in mid stream on Twitch and say Hi! Also @ATummyTickle

Thanks, Hopefully we’ll see you in the next one!


  1. would love to watch more such videos keep it coming.

  2. Damn bro great game this was legit superb

  3. thanks a lot, mate I got to learn a lot of things

  4. You are to sharp at chess good game kudos to you

  5. I had a great time while watching this one

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