The Greatest Chess game of the Century! Hikaru vs Magnus

Watch Hikaru Nakamura vs Magnus Carlsen at the 2024 Norway Chess, Round 7/ Armageddon style chess (White pieces have 10 minutes, Black pieces 7 minutes). Hikaru came extremely well prepared! He was blitzing out moves left and right! Crazy Queen blunder by both the GM’s. You can tell how the game ends by Magnus reaction! Comment below and tell me about your thoughts on the game!

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  1. It was even Stevens when Maggoat lost on time. 17:37 notice slide bar and Hikary pointing at the clock.

  2. Secara keselurahan magnus bermain sangat baik

  3. Mental game when he knew the Tactics Magnus does with Drinking Water 😂

    So he drinks first then busy talking to someone when Magnus drinking 😂

  4. When Mag lost his Queen, he should have used his one and only take back move.

  5. Can someone explain to me why Hikaru didn’t take Magnus’ knight at 2:50? It was undefended, am I missing something?

  6. Magnus managed to still put a big fight even without his queen and in a losing position.. Thats the Goat

  7. The game was decided on time. Not sure why the comments about “legal moves”, which do not apply at the moment the game ended.

  8. PLEASE can we have a zoom camera on the clock and put it as a mini screen high up on one or other side of the board?


  10. This is greatest game in this century? Shut up dude😂.

  11. Magnus is mad 😂 I mean… ok he lost by time but, he could lose the queen and with a fucking pawn he came back (with a big mistake of Hikaru obviusly but..)

  12. Hikaru bagus kadang Ding liren kalah waktu ke magnus Alireza juga berarti mereka pinter main waktu di catur ok bro

  13. Hilary about to take magnuss last king side pawn and Magnus would not be able to defend against Hikarus pawn advances on both sides of the board. So magnus concedes

  14. Purtroppo tempo scaduto, comunque Magnus è magico.

  15. "Chess is the game for fidgeters… for 'toyers' and toddlers. And when they're not fiddling with their 'pieces' they're fiddling with their hair…." Paul Morphy

  16. süre bitmeseydi eğer, oyun berabere biterdi

  17. greatest..of century…haha…who moron write this….great illiteral of the century is he/she!

  18. Hikaru had already memorized the different steps while Magnus was just thinking about the steps😂

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