The Great American Dream | Hikaru Nakamura vs Wesley So | Tata Steel Chess India Rapid 2022

GM Wesley So took almost twenty seconds to reply to Hikaru’s 1.d4. He was prepared, he was all set to take on the King of Speed chess and the newly crowned Fischer Random World Champion- Hikaru Nakamura. The game is probably one of the most exciting games of day one of the Tata Steel Chess India Rapid 2022. Can the first-ever Global Champion outplay Nakamura? Watch the game to find out.

Video: ChessBase India
Edited by Aditya Sur Roy

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  1. What the hell is wrong with the table? it is jumping. AICF should have take care of these things.

  2. The board at back on tv, distracting players

  3. Why is the digital board so small and where is the eval bar??I expect better from you Sagar 👎👎

  4. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    What do Daniil and Hikaru have in common? Both betray their country for Magnus.

    Note: Not for Norway but for Magnus.

    – Daniil betrayed Russia by helping Magnus over Sergey and Nepo in WCC 2021.
    – Hikaru betrayed the US by siding with Magnus over Hans without sufficient evidence.

    What is up with Magnus that makes people betray their countries for Magnus?


    When Wesley So or Bobby Fischer accuse people of cheating, we listen.

    When Magnus Carlsen accuses, we laugh. Magnus is a cheater too. Eg against

    – Alireza 2019,
    – Danya 2021 and
    – Nepo 2021.

    Part0. Intro

    Magnus, unlike ASH KETCHUM, was never the world champion.

    Wesley is the inaugural world champion and has been from 2019 to PRESENT. Wesley did not lose in a game to Magnus in Iceland in 2022Oct. Wesley did not lose the title to Hikaru same as how Bobby Fischer did not lose the title to Anatoly Karpov because of the conditions FIDE gave that were unfavourable for the AMERICANS Bobby and Wesley. Does FIDE have something against Americans? (They had only 1 non-European president, a Filipino/Filipina/Philippine.)

    Magnus sucks. Wesley rules.

    Part1. Talent

    Magnus may be the best currently, but Wesley has veen the most talented since 2019 in being the only world champion since 2019. (Hikaru is the RAPID world champion.) Magnus lost 4-0 actually 13.5-2.5 to Wesley in 2019. Then Magnus lost 3-1 to Nepo in 2022 and thus indirectly lost 3-1 to Hikaru. LOL.

    Chess = great = a combination of theory and talent

    9LX = pure talent

    Talent is how good you are when there's no theory.

    Looks like Magnus is good only for openings. Turns out Magnus is a talentless patzer who crumbles without opening prep. PATHETIC.

    Note: Patzer means extremely good at openings but sucks at middlegames and endgames.

    So much for greatest endgame player of all time ey?

    Magnus is maybe a GOAT but THE GOAT? Please. How can you be THE GOAT when you're TALENTLESS?

    Wesley told Hikaru in stream that 50-70 years 9LX will replace chess. See my vids if you don't believe me. Wesley said in 2018 interview St Louis that Bobby or Garry is greatest of all time. Even if Magnus is greatest of all time, Magnus is definitely not MTOAT – most talented of all time.

    Don't tell me about 2nd place. 2nd place in 9LX is pathetic for a 4x world chess champion esp 1 who later became 5x world chess champion.

    Aaaaaand now in 2022 Magnus wasn't even 2nd place. LOL!!!!

    9LX removes openings, so Magnus should be STRONGER not LESS STRONG. Yet in 2019 Magnus lost 13.5-2.5 to Wesley and didn't get a single win. Why?!?!?!!!! And look now in 2022 Magnus lost 3-1 to Nepo despite beating Nepo 4-0 in the 2021 WCC (where Magnus cheated against Nepo). And of course consequently Magnus indirectly lost 3-1 to Hikaru. Also Magnus should be better in rapid than classical re Sergey 2016 and Fabi 2018. Yet 2nd 2019 and 3rd 2022. LOL.

    Part2: Magnus is a coward because:

    2.1 – FIDE's 9LX WC in Iceland doesn't have a candidates the same way the last 4 WCCs do. Magnus had the privilege to defend against ONLY 1 OPPONENT each of the last 4 times. (And Vishy from 2008-2013.) Here, there isn't like a tournament / a series of tournaments and then the unique winner will face Wesley.

    2.2 – They lowered the time controls. The 2019 time controls are 35% higher than the 2022 time controls. Magnus obviously has a higher advantage in rapid since Magnus was rapid WCC and reached 2900 in rapid. Magnus even beat Sergey and Fabi only because of rapid tiebreaks. Magnus couldn't beat Fabi in a classical WCC game!!! But anyway, Sergey and Fabi I guess 'deserved' to have lower time controls because they only drew against Magnus in original time controls. But Wesley didnt lose a single a game to Magnus in 2019 and even beat Magnus 4x !!!

    Sergey and Fabi deserved lower time controls. Why did Wesley deserve lower time controls?!?!!

    Bobby Fischer was on top for only a short period of time because FIDE and Anatoly Karpov (no offense Sergey Karjakin!) were cowards who ran away from Bobby.

    See? It happened again. FIDE and Magnus were being cowards running away from Wesley. But it backfired on them because they didn't expect Nepo, and apparently Hikaru too, is more talented than Magnus. But I already knew it: Nepo lost only 3x to Wesley in 2019 FIDE and drew with Wesley in 2022 St Louis while Magnus lost 4x to Wesley in 2019 FIDE and FURTHERMORE lost to Wesley in 2020 St Louis.

    9LX saynoto2900

    Part3. Cheating

    Magnus cheated 3x

    3.1 – with David Howell against Danya Naroditsky

    3.1A – in the lichess thing.

    3.1B – in relationships. Lol.

    3.2 – Magnus also cheated in world blitz 2019 in distracting Alireza. Yes Magnus spoke in Norwegian on own turn BUT AFTER punching clock continued to talk on Alireza's turn.

    3.3 – Magnus cheated against Nepo in 2021 WCC with the knight touch move thing and then said 'do better' as part of gaslighting the reporter.

    Magnus is like the cheaters Tigran V Petrosian and Tigran L Petrosian and is unlike the HONEST people Wesley So and Bobby Fischer. Also Garry Kasparov cheated against Judit Polgar by touch move. See? Magnus copied Garry. Lol. I guess 9LX players have more integrity than chess players.

    Also, have there been any cheating scandals in 9LX?

    See. Chess has a lot of cheaters while 9LX has virtually none.

    Anyhoo, see "magnus carlsen gaslighting".

    Part4. More on talent and then stuff about Hans Niemann

    Quote 1:

    After playing Chess960, I realise how mentally unwell chess players become the more they play it. They know they will get the same ideal setup every game and they deny the fact that they will mess it up unless they memorise some other geek's ideas. In Chess960 there is nothing to deny. You know you are going to get a far from ideal start position and you know it is up to you to make the best of it and you know you will be playing moves nobody has tried before.

    Which is better for your mental health?

    Quote 2:

    Chess960: The winner is the more agile mind. Chess: The winner is the biggest nerd.

    Wesley So is the most TALENTED currently even though Magnus is the GREATEST currently. Thank you Bobby Fischer for helping us realise how TALENTED Wesley is.

    Wesley So is far from the greatest currently or of all time. HOWEVER WESLEY SO IS THE MOST TALENTED CURRENTLY AND POSSIBLY OF ALL TIME (well maybe next to Bobby Fischer). MTOAT VS GOAT.


    What of a joke so-called world championship in Iceland recently. Congrats to Hikaru who became the RAPID 9LX world champion. Ok fine Wesley won in SLOW RAPID not classical, but don't believe FIDE when they tell you 25min-for-30moves is slow rapid. It is FAST RAPID.

    Wesley never lost the title to Hikaru, same as how Bobby Fischer never lost the title to Anatoly Karpov. FIDE was being cowardly in 1975 and is being cowardly in 2022. Lol.

    FIDE lowers the time controls to lower Wesley's odds wanting Magnus to win just as chessc*m kicked out Hans Niemann because chessc*m wants to please Magnus. Lol. Magnus not only cheats (eg against Alireza, Danya and Nepo) but also manipulates chess entities (resp chessc*m and FIDE) into hurting American players (resp Hans and Wesley) for Magnus' benefit. Civil conspiracy and ra()sm. LOL.

    I already said in this post

    Parallel between Hans and Fischer Random 2022? After Magnus quits the event Sinquefield Cup / WCC, the entity chesscom / FIDE takes action, against an American, that is advantageous to Magnus, for another event: Remove Hans CGC. / Announce FRC with lower time controls, giving Wesley a disadvantage.


    P.S. agadmator accepted my suggestion As32LdyKDbc

    P.P.S. Would Bobby Fischer side with Magnus over Hans or Wesley?

    P.P.P.S. Who's the biggest sore loser?

    Magnus Carlsen (chess),

    Garrett Adelstein (poker),

    Magnus Carlsen (chess960),
    Light Yagami (death note)

  5. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    WC beats rapid WC albeit in rapid chess instead of rapid.

    Someone said Wesley So is the most inconsistent player in terms of tournament results. I think it's consistent that Wesley So's been performing so-so in the 3 events between the 2022 Olympiad and the 2022 chessc*m global championship & 2022 meltwater finals, namely

    1 – St Louis' Chess9LX
    2 – US Chess Championship and
    3 – World Fischer Random Chess Championship,

    despite having been

    1 – 2nd place in 9LX 2021
    2 – then-reigning and 3-time USCC and
    3 – Inaugural and then-reigning WFRCC

    The reason is that Wesley So started a secret relationship with 2021 women's USCC Carissa Yip at the Olympiad. My basis:

    A. These events at the Olympiad:

    1 – Look at Carissa's Twitter header. It's a photo of just Wesley and Carissa (and Leinier Domínguez Pérez and 1 other).

    2 – You can see Levon Aronian was being Wesley's wingman when they were teasing Carissa about castling (which is pretty ironic given what happened later to Wesley in the WFRCC, but well I guess it goes to show how little preparation Wesley did for the 2019 WFRCC… Anyway…). You can see Levon even makes a 'mistake' in saying that when you castle, the king goes 2 squares, which allows Wesley to say 'unless it's chess960' to flex being the inaugural and then-reigning WFRCC.

    (Levon also probably has a soft spot for Wesley because Arianne Caoili, Levon's deceased spouse, was Filipina. RIP.)

    (Btw, Wesley is still the WFRCC. Hikaru is just the rapid WFRCC. Wesley never lost the title to Hikaru kinda like how Bobby Fischer never lost the title to Anatoly Karpov.)

    3 – There's a Tagalog interview with FM Deniel Causo where Wesley was asked about romantic relationships, namely if Wesley has a 'special someone'. (Btw, Tagalog interviews of Wesley are pretty rare, so for me I think they're pretty important.) It was probably this interview that gave Wesley a wake up call to finally start a relationship with Carissa.

    B. And later in the USCC

    Wesley talks about how teenagers always play for a win because they don't have family, bills or GIRLFRIENDS. Wesley laughs at the girlfriends part.

    (NOTE: I already compiled the above in a video. The ID is vylMndunCa8 .)

    C. Someone pointed out to me that at 33:33 of the 2021 USCC closing ceremony Carissa admits to being star struck by Wesley (and Fabi). Take a look at Wesley's reaction to that. Lol. Additionally, look at how Nazí Paikidze reacts. Nazí probably knew about Carissa's crush on Wesley and was being a wingwoman for Carissa by noting Wesley's reaction to later tell Carissa.

    So what I guess is:

    D. At the Olympiad, they got together, but, because of their 1 decade age gap, they decided to keep their relationship a secret. 5 years from now, when Carissa will have graduated from Stanford, their ages 19&29 will become 24&34, the minimum age when the half your age plus 7 rule is satisfied. (Look up post ID wf0pkg for the formula.)

    E. But still, since it was both of their 1st times dating, they were very distracted eg talking on the phone all night. Notice that Wesley hasn't made any Facebook posts between the start of the Olympiad and the end of the CGC. I guess this is because the time Wesley would've used for Facebook went to talking to Carissa.

    F. Anyway, we don't see much of an impact, if any, on Carissa because Carissa stopped playing chess for awhile, in particular didn't defend at the 2022 women's USCC for studies at Stanford. But, well, we did see much impact on Wesley in placing only

    1- 5th out of 10 in 9LX,
    2- 6th of 14 in USCC and
    3- 6th of 8 in WFRCC

    The WFRCC underperformance was the last straw. It was like the Beth and Cleo thing in The Queen's Gambit. Wesley and Carissa decided to slow down their relationship. And then voilà Wesley wins $200,000 in the CGC and can now fully celebrate with Carissa.

    G. After Meltwater finals, I bet Wesley and Carissa are celebrating a lot more.

    H. Finally, Wesley said in an interview with Dina Belenkaya during the FIDE Grand Prix ('I am not afraid of Hikaru' – ID is lJI6xuDHn68 ) that Wesley's mom, Lotis Key, didn't want Wesley to use Twitter. Who else but Carissa (your new girlfriend/romantic partner) could've convinced Wesley (yourself) to defy Lotis (your mom/parent) ?


    Look up

  6. A player from Japanese origin vs a player from Chinese origin = great American dream

  7. Queenless game is So's arsenal. He always outsmart opponents in a queenless game marching his pawns or that slow roll strat. Its just too dangerous to fight So in a quenless game. Watch all his games I think 90% he wins all his games without a queen.

  8. Can you make the 2d board a little bit bigger. Hard to see on small screen

  9. The table seems fragile? Or is it a camera trick?

  10. American Japanese vs American Filipino.

  11. Wesley always win against nakamura these days check recent matches to clarify this info!!

  12. Wesley kind of always hides his face nowadays.

  13. I don't know if it's just me but I would lose my mind playing at a table that constantly moves and creaks like that lmao.

  14. Wtf, that table bends as they weigh on it, it must be annoying.

  15. 10:15 Wesley touched his rook but moved his Bishop. It was close… That was a beautiful game. It had everything.

  16. What I learned from Hikaru is to memorize the board in your mind what a guy

  17. Hahaha I really like Hikaru's reaction 🤣

  18. I’ll bet me Hoa Huu Vo can beat any chess player on the planet in a point latter in 8 games for anything telekinetically.

  19. Hikaru’s expressions in the first few seconds of the video and then the thudd sound, wakes up Hikaru from his long deep preparation 😂😂

  20. On screen board is too small, please make it larger next time. Thank you

  21. I like how hikaru immediately looks at the ceiling after his first move

  22. They were great players all over the world but I wonder why would they often looking around instead of focusing on their eyes on chess board😐

  23. The Japanese Smalling the beginning of games

  24. I can't see why Hikaru gave up the pawn so easily. He really was not concentrating enough in this game.

  25. Hikaru has the best facial expressions of all time

  26. wot you call people who dont have a dream awake

  27. This game felt super closed.. they were constantly building a wall with their pawns

  28. China do what they do in history, steeling or thief. ….

  29. you can put a navy blue arrow instead of a yellow one to represent piece movements in order to view it better

  30. guess there no coughing or fine sign there

  31. Why did hikaru resign? What about trading rooks and keep playing? Sorry for the silly question lol

  32. why does Hikaru always give those stupid expressions every game.. its like he does that to try and look cool for the camera or something… but it really makes him look like a dam fool

  33. Hikaru face 👏🏻🤝🏻👍🏻💪🏻😁☕🚬

  34. Why is whites gpawn so massive and blacks fpawn so small

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