The Fastest Checkmates in Chess

How fast can you give checkmate in a game of chess? Learn both the two and four-move checkmates and how to stop them in this chess lesson!

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  1. fool's mate. sorry, my opponents have the capacity to think.

  2. The sad thing is, I played a game against a friend and I won like this and the game was legitimate

  3. Bro theres like 0% chance any opponent would ever fall for this

  4. who would be stupid enough to create a literal staircase of pawns for no particular reason lmao

  5. My opponent has brain
    But your don't have brain
    So sad


  7. This has not happened to once, unless purposely.

  8. I did opening like that, but my opponent didn't check mate me, maybe he's stupid

  9. But my opponent too will have some brain

  10. By this only check is given no checkmate is given

  11. Why the the h2 white pawn cant eliminate the h4 queen i dont get it…

  12. Better be a a hack that allows to kick the opponent from your game 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 XD

  13. Being checkmated by fool's mate is the biggest humiliation a person can face in chess.

  14. Yesterday I lost with this checkmate, after opening with a Dutch defense and going for my opponent's dark-squared bishop.

  15. Wait a minute I've seen this somewhere🤔

  16. You need to be simple for that to happen or a first timer

  17. this dont work if ur opponent is even slightly smart

  18. What?! This is fool's mate . Probably very common …. Also my opponent playing chess has 🧠 brain ….

  19. You forgot 1.e4 e5 2.Qh5 Ke7 3.Qxe5#

  20. Thanks I needed this, im good at chess otherwise but rubbish at checkmates

  21. Bla bla bla just play mate we know the rest of things

  22. and i thought i had the fastest checkmate with 4 moves

  23. My opponent is not doing the same steps for me to beat him

  24. This litreally happened with me the opponent did the same thing
    And i moved my queen i didnt see it was a checkmate i just wanted to give a check 😅

  25. This will probably work with someone that has been playing chess for only 2 days for the first time.

  26. Who would ever move pawn to F3 as an opening move?

  27. I’ve never played chess and I’m still not this stupid to play this

  28. Moving pawn to f6 is the worst opening move that only complete begginer would make

  29. As if people gona move as you said 😂

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