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  1. U know what, the same thing hpd to me (lost 10 elos)

  2. Babies been real silent since this dropped 😂

  3. This isn't even remotely funny. Come on Andrea you're better than this.

  4. If you are beautiful specially girl ,you can do any fucking thing, you will be famous.

  5. its not even aborted its ''game abandoned''💀💀💀

  6. Republican senators do it all the time

  7. I couldn't tell if it was you or Andrea in the thumb lol

  8. I got recently +9 after abandoning the match smh

  9. Babies been real quiet since this released

  10. you should play safe chess to avoid these situations

  11. Robin shubatzki. Before how i met youre mother

  12. Them leaving is basically a fortfit ofc u would gain

  13. کیرمو لای ممه هات میزارم

  14. You cant, well you can if you are a streamer with 2M followers I guess.

  15. Un besito desde washington square park. I beat my first chess hustler.

  16. What's up with the plastic surgery. The wall is unavoidable

  17. this happens when your opponent has aborted to many games recently. they then will not be able to abort the game before it starts, but will be allowed to resign before the game starts.
    if the opponent chooses to resign, they will lose ELO rating points that will be awarded to you instead.
    trust me, i know this from experience. i use to abort any game playing as black when my opponent played D4😅

  18. You get it if your opponent has been too many abortion so at a time he will lose ratings and you will get ratings

  19. If opponent leaves a game without playing a single move… a tournament match .. it is not called as aborted.

    Its called GAME ABONDONED.

  20. How'd she even go up 12? I'll beat people over 10% higher than me and only go up 9

  21. i knew something sounded wrong about that when i realized she said "abortion"

  22. And then she sacrificed… THE FETUS

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