The Disrespect Championship Rematch | Hans Niemann vs Christopher Yoo | World Rapid 2022

It is well known by now about GM Christopher Yoo (USA) felt disrespected by GM Hans Niemann (USA) at the last US Championship 2022. They have lots of games against each other online. However, the number of rated games they have played are only three – all of them were Classical. Niemann won two and Yoo has won one. What happens when they face each other at the World Rapid 2022? Check out this explosive battle arising out of QGD Exchange variation featuring a trendy line. Also don’t miss the King down resignation at the end. Are you aware of this archaic way of resignation?

Replay the full game

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Looks like Hans disrespected Christopher on so many levels all over the board. The disrespect speaks for itself.

  2. Le pasó x comelón jjjj, al menos se fue con el tanque lleno 🤷‍♂️

  3. So he just gone take the disrespect again 😂

  4. Dude on the left look like he's going through a life crisis.

  5. why he didn't take with the knight on c3?????

  6. Crazy game but great attack. Hans barely looked at the board.

  7. Yoo is good why did he play this bad against Hans? looks like he lives in his head.

  8. They should install metal detectors under the table everytime Niemann plays.

  9. Chess speaks for itself….the guy z a genius

  10. I’m confused, why doesn’t he just take the knight with his king at the end?

  11. Hans the new Conan the Barbarian! Crom will be happy.

  12. Is it just me? But every time I see Hans I just want to slap the smug off his face.

  13. el ritmo con el que hmn mueve las piezas es casi bradicinésico

  14. As a noob can I ask why he resigned? Why not take the Knight with his king?

  15. love how they're polar opposites in how they move their pieces

  16. Yoo just went to catch King's neighbours but caught up there and settled.

  17. It's the fist time I see that way of resignation in a pro level game.

  18. This was a terrible game by Yoo. I have a 1,000 rating and I'm over here calling out moves for Hans to make.

  19. Yippee kai A mother fucker 🤠 ….Gg Hans ….yoo is related to the Nakatomi's ….if John Wayne played chess I think he woulda played exactly like Hans that game

  20. Since there was no obligatory cougher in the crowd Hans had to oblige.

  21. He looks like he gets lmoves from someone in the audience, too odd

  22. 11:06 wouldn't rook f3 for white be winning since black queen has no where to go??
    Edit, nevermind because then black could play queen takes g4 pawn and be winning

  23. Did anyone else see the plethora of mistakes yoo made? I feel like he was wayyyyyyyyyy over thinking…

  24. Why disrespect? I don't see any disrespect. Both played a good game and shook hands afterwards.

  25. bwahahahahaha. Hans "straightens" the pieces … so that they aren't straight.

  26. 11:05 Black playing Qg3 cost him the game. I just couldn't see his point placing the queen there.

  27. That's not disrespectful, that's very classy.

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