The Closing Ceremony of 2023 FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championships

The amazing closing ceremony of the World Rapid and Blitz 2023.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Thanks a lot for this video covering the nice event !🌹

  2. Could have saved some time by just giving Magnus the trophy during the opening ceremony

  3. Feeling bad for dubov he would have won the chess championship onky if it wasn't for the hypocrisy
    Magnus makes joke doesn't get punished
    Dubov makes joke and gets punished by idiots

  4. acho massa que eles dando prato pra ele comer bem direitinho😂

  5. China won 3 out of 12 medals, while India managed 1. Tough, tough event.

  6. Dubov must be regretting that he didn't play a a less provocative draw against Svidler.
    Getting that half point would have changed the draw of course, so he could have even done worse. Still, he must feel that he missed out on the chance of a playoff.

  7. Chess trying to be all high class and they put that clown on stage 😂 edit: 2:15

  8. Actually it's 16th
    The one in the thumbnail is rapid one

  9. Yu Yangi seems to be the one actually winning something 😁

  10. 6:33 I like yu yangi🧡
    7:00 Vishy giving medal to Magnus! What a moment this is! Two Legends🧡
    8:19 Koneru Humpy made us all so proud again🇮🇳She is carrying our women chess on her shoulders for more than 20 years🔥What a Legend🌟 Evergreen star🧡

  11. 2nd 3rd place changes every year but man in 1st place is same every year.

  12. 7:27 Yu Yangi happily looking at his cooking plate's size as he compares it to Magnus'.

  13. Fedoseev is one unhappy ungrateful guy. Smile man god loves you

  14. Gukesh will go on to the Candidates. Anish, Arjun, S.L., Nihal, Humpy, and Harika next year

  15. Should have given Dubov a silver bust of a horse.

  16. The phenomenal consistency at this stage where everyone has access to the strongest engines —- That says all about Magnus Carlsen 🎉❤

  17. Women Rapid and Blitz: 6 DIFFERENT champions…..

    Open Rapid and Blitz: 5 DIFFERENT champions…..

    Only ONE CONSTANT…..Magnus Carlsen DA GOAT!!🐐💯🐐😎

  18. What's the point of making all medals blue

  19. Thank you ChessBase India for this insight. These chess champions are truly extraordinary.

  20. Man!The whole event I was following only Dubov's games! He was in form of his life in the blitz section. Playing like a machine. If only he were a bit of ambitious he could have Knock down even the GOAT here.We know what he missed wish he knows also.Sad for him.

  21. Magnuficent Persian architecture!

  22. Trophy ki jagah thali de di 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. The ONLY player who Never lose in both rapid and blitz is …. DUBOV 👍🐴🐴

  24. Hikaru didn't wanted any more silvers🥈, so he didn't show up 😅

  25. It's so beautiful how much respect Vishy has for the players, and same the other way around as well. Men and women. Truly an exciting event which I will be looking forward to every year. I also found the money-missing scene hilarious!

  26. If I see Magnus face to face I’ll tell him pleas give up we’d like to see some new world champion.

  27. У мужиков хоть федосеев урвал серебро

  28. Костенюк то надо же швецария…

  29. Happy for Magnus and impressed by Yu Yungi. Thank you Uzbekistan for the great chess performance.

  30. Apart from magnus, I am very happy that the "gentleman" Artemiev has won a medal. Very polite and humble person.

  31. the only way to stop magnus is disqualify him for being late ,

  32. What a beautiful winner's dish! You can serve a lot spaghettini on that!

  33. Great event overall! Can’t wait til next year

  34. I wanted to see the full event!! 😢😢😢😢

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