The biggest blunder of Magnus Carlsen’s career | Artemiev vs Carlsen | World Rapid 2022

If you had to choose 3 greatest players in the history of chess, most of the people would choose Magnus Carlsen as one of them! He is just amazing! And he has achieved this by making good moves! Blunders by him are rare and hence this game is very unique. Magnus is playing the World Rapid Championships 2022 and is in scintillating form. He has scored 8.5 points in the last 10 rounds. He has one full point lead over the field and then this happens! Check out the video to find out what happened in this encounter.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I really didn't got that why it was blunder please anyone explain ut in detail please!!💝

  2. Why did he sacrifice the queen? I'd rather sacrifice a knight than a queen

  3. Best opponent to blunder to. Artemiev so classy.

  4. Hi everyone! i'm a beginner. I would like to know, please, why the move carlsen did was a blunder. it seems to me like a good move….looking forward……

  5. Vladislav Artemiev, aka Chuck Norris, keep his cool at the chess board.

  6. Artemieve is so classy, we want to see him more intournaments!

  7. The owner didn't understand we don't need his comments. Just selfish or deranged a bit?

  8. Both must get a high and tight hair cut !!!

  9. Artemiew seems to be the best of all on the question of being a nice guy.

  10. I don't understand why did he sacrifice the rook when he could've sacrificed the knight, did he just not care any more?

  11. They should play without hands.

  12. who has the better game or who has the better hair?

  13. Maybe is the beginning of Magnus fall.. chess is just as other athletic sports, there's a moment when the player reach that age..

  14. That moment you mess up, know you messed up, and hope your opponent hasn't noticed.

  15. Thank you for including the graphic, this makes ALL the difference …. to me anyway.

  16. Credit to Magnus' opponent for keeping a composed demeanor during the blunder

  17. Jabse magnus apna hair grew kiya tapse yeah he chal raha hay

  18. The most shocking part of this video is the proper handshake.

  19. Artemiev is a very nice person with that broad, warm and always positive gesture. A typical Slavic soul. I love watching him.

  20. what a voice !
    please : perfom your english

  21. You are so good at commenting! So many times you found the right move.

  22. Thank you for the commentary. It makes it much easier to understand strategies for us beginners

  23. I don’t really understand how it’s a blunder, can someone explain?

  24. Magnus was playing as bullet game. bit unrespectfull

  25. 解説がわかりやすくて勉強になる

  26. マグヌスがブランダーした時は顔に出る

  27. Is the commentator Raj from Big bang theory? 😂

  28. wait but the queen could have still escaped so how come it is a blunder

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