The arbiter had to stop them! Nepo vs Arjun Erigaisi | World Rapid 2022

Last year, GM Arjun Erigaisi faced GM Ian Nepomniachtchi for the first time in a rated game at World Blitz 2021. That encounter ended in a draw. Almost a year later, they face each other at World Rapid 2022 in Round 12. While the former and the current World Championship Challenger was at 7/11, the teenager was a half point ahead at 7.5/11. In this battle arising out of Catalan, Arjun gained an edge. Did he manage to increase his advantage or did Nepo balance things out? Find out all in this exciting battle.

Repllay the game

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Sagar bhai just put nepo and arjun match round ?
    Ppl will watch
    Y to much arbiter stop no need to write like that
    And viedo on mobile phone by amrutha come on sagar bhai need professional camera this is world event many memories..

  2. I can't understand this Nepo guy. He seems always lost and confused.

  3. That eye contact at 3:41 was super awkward but such a good game

  4. 8:22 why can’t nepo take on b4 then slide the king to d4? Seems like a winning move since you have a passer on the e file as well as a 2 on 1 on the king side

  5. i think the car was called on the ground, now i'm coming with a world


  7. Arbiter did nothing. Chanell is Desperate for views.

  8. There's a Special Appearance in the last second 🙂

  9. Arbiter, some reincarnation of a devil from last birth.!

  10. Arbiter thinks she is teacher in school or something 😀

  11. This is what it takes to be the very best of the best. You're relentless. You want to improve in every possible way, no matter how miniscule. You want to analyse, pry, debate. And in doing that, you forget about your surroundings. But that is how you become the very best. It will be a long journey, but Arjun WILL be world champion if he just continues doing what he is doing. His drive and focus are unparalleled. Best wishes.

  12. Anish makes his famous appearance at the end. 😀.. The stroller..

  13. Arjun could've easily scored 2/3 against fedo,artemiev and nepo and won the competition. He was extraordinary with white . But more solidity with black could've won him the title . Second highest TPR against the highest rated average opponents in the championship . Super unlucky

  14. would like to watch more Nepo's and Dubov's games..

  15. Love how these kids are always eager to learn, arbiter or no arbiter! 😍

  16. They cant be stopped analyzing he he, at least they are not boisterous they are just whispering!

  17. I wonder if anyone ever 'nicks' a pawn 'cause they've lost one at home.

  18. So strange to think that Nepo is likely to become WC. Very good player (when in the good mood) but total lack of charisma.

  19. The way Nepo sits so far back in his chair while casually playing all his moves during the opening is so funny

  20. Chess are like diners.
    Men are not the same before and after.

  21. Nepo is like playing his younger self, these two have pretty similar playing style.

  22. I can never tell the difference between a resignation and a drawn game in situations like this.

  23. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    10:00 that is the most misaligned kings in centre of board i've ever seen lol

  24. At 4, why Not Ce5 ???
    Menace Cd7 ou Cxg4…
    Explain to me….

  25. It was so fun watching Magnus whip is ass,
    back to the stone age.

  26. Why did they stop playing? The game was not over!!!

  27. At 9:40 they mutually decided on a draw. A very civil game. Besides dilemmas and taking time to figure what moves to take they were kind to each other. Even in the discussion in the end, which really were just whispers.

  28. I don't know why Erigasei has the look of someone who just stoll something

  29. couple of mistakes by arjun…and nepo played awesome…!!
    you can't be all fiesty and takey-takey against Nepo…

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