That time I played the World Champion in Rapid chess

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  1. Magnus didn’t misclick. Straight up blunder baby

  2. Just under a month ago I invited my neighbours round my place since were new to the neighbourhood and I thought it would be nice to get to know them and make some new friends. One was a very handsome fellow with a cleanly done quiff haircut, and the other was clearly a stud with biceps that made it obvious he went to the gym frequently. Anyway I offered them food and drink from my fridge which was full to the brim with cranberry and pineapple juice and the guy, who I would later find out to be called Aman, exclaimed "That's a fancy fridge you got there brah!" and Eric (the other guy) added "mind if we take a look at it?"
    They looked through the fridge to find that the warranty expired in 7 days. Last I heard thing I heard from them was "I'll see you later buddy"
    Aman and Eric broke into my house a week later. Precisely one day after my warranty had expired, they repeatedly headbutted my american size fridge-freezer until it was leaking pineapple and cranberry juice onto the floor. Don't support these guys.

  3. eric is gold material that trains for bronze. i don't blame him chess is tough rather be healthy and rich than first and crazy.

  4. I would fucking love to see Eric in more tournaments. Guy comes in, get Magnus and Ian, then dips the f out like nobody's business.

  5. Eric has upgraded himself from Chess Streamer to Chess Dreamer.

  6. I will be a bit Judas here i just think magnus sold the game to the bokkies,not the first time I see him loosing like this to 15:1 opponent,but-well done Eric!

  7. If I'm not mistaken, when you beat the world champ. Thank makes you the world champ

  8. Eric and aman are both so nice and funny. And while they often do silly things you sometimes can forget how great they actually are playing.
    Congratulations for your great Tournament. And thank you for producing this great Content! You both are awesome!

  9. "His position is still malleable"

    Definition of using words you don't understand just to hear yourself talk

  10. I'm still in awe at Eric's performance at this tourney. Really looking forward to his games in the next Chess Tour Leg if he chooses to compete
    (Since he qualified for knockouts a.k.a. Top 8, he automatically is invited to the next Champion's Chess Tour tournament)

  11. Magnus is buddy, and buddy is Magnus.

  12. Eric plays the man, because Eric is the man.

  13. Magnus always looks so fried when he's playing lol

  14. Eric performed well in this tournament, now its your time Hambo, lets go buddy

  15. very well-made video! exciting to watch even if one knew the game before

  16. I like that Aman knows Eric so well that he can call out almost every move. Meanwhile the official commentators are asking engines why he's not playing the most popular line.

  17. People are dismissing this win as just a mouse slip. Eric won the game with nxf4. Not the bxa4 mouse slip

  18. My ass burned outwhen i watching stream and chat like <eric hansen cheater because he won ian and carlsen>

  19. Great video, but would love to see only aman comments, hate those people from chess24

  20. The stream with Aman was fucking incredible, legit felt like watching a world cup match together with your best buds. Jesus, please participate in more of these Eric 🙏.

  21. Man that was a very good tactical game to watch, it’s a shame it ended in such an anticlimactic way. I’m sure Eric would’ve been happy to have drawn against the greatest chess player of all time but to manage a winning position is awesome to see.

  22. why did this get so few views? probably the most epic moment of eric's career….

  23. I guess there will be another episode on that encounter 😉

  24. Special thanks to Chess24 for letting us use the excellent coverage from Who wants to see Eric competing in more top level competitions?

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